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Secession: Non Voters Can Complain As Loudly As Voters

Mandeville, LA – “If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain” says the perfunctory argument in favor of perfunctorily choosing a candidate to vote for in federal elections, including President. OK, proceeding logically, what if I do vote and my candidate loses, do I retain the “right to complain” and now have “a right” to subdue those who did not vote but wish to voice the same complaint? If you cannot answer those two questions as they should be answered, yes and then no, count yourself as one of the democratic tyrants who so often Lord their ill-gotten power, made possible by casting ballots. This supposed paradox supplies us with the ammo needed to proclaim democracy the illogical farce that it is and move on to something more productive, like whittling the opposing beams of a Crucifix from rough cut wood. If the non-voting-voter can be subjugated to the will of the voting-voter then clearly “democracy” isn’t democracy at all but rather a contest to see who gets to divide the chaff left over after the elected class has pilfered their share of the harvest, ergo, did you know that not-voting, made you subject to a voter’s command?

Neither did I, welcome to ‘Murciah, 2016.

Witness the lifelong peer and educational pressure brought to bear on voting for President in a public Facebook message string I am a participant in:

The Originalists have won this tennis match 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 but since Cruzers wanted a rematch for the sake of the pride…

Posted by Mike Church Show Fan Page on Thursday, February 11, 2016

As noted, I admire the conviction to “vote” but for what ultimate purpose? Having the aforementioned right to complain? The “federal”, non-federal system of this continent circa 2016 proves the logical statement that “democracy” is the worst form of government ever conceived of by Man. It subjects the known Truth to a majority vote where in secular societies Beazelbub will always win and then compound his win. Truth cannot be on the “ballot”; neither can morality as it is known through the revealed Truth of Christ’s Church on Earth. If they are, then neither is True or moral because those things are reflected in Dogma and Dogma, thankfully, does not change. But the secular, Saw – Massacre #6, movie world sees religious Dogma as “dangerous to liberty”! G.K. Chesterton wrote of the horror of a world without Dogma.

“And if we took the third chance instance, it would be the same; the view that priests darken and embitter the world. I look at the world and simply discover that they don’t. Those countries in Europe which are still influenced by priests, are exactly the countries where there is still singing and dancing and coloured dresses and art in the open-air. Catholic doctrine and discipline [read Dogma] may be walls; but they are the walls of a playground. Christianity is the only frame which has preserved the pleasure of Paganism. We might fancy some children playing on the flat grassy top of some tall island in the sea. So long as there was a wall round the cliff’s edge they could fling themselves into every frantic game and make the place the noisiest of nurseries. But the walls were knocked down, leaving the naked peril of the precipice. They did not fall over; but when their friends returned to them they were all huddled in terror in the centre of the island; and their song had ceased.”

So, who do you “vote for” this primary and then election? This question is easily answered in 1930 so I will answer it thus: “after considering the candidates and issues and subjecting them to the Teaching of The Church, I have concluded that only proposal _________ and candidate __________ are in keeping that Teaching, whole UNDAMAGED and protected.”

You might think I made that up, right? Can you prove it?

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