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“Veronica’s Veil book and the Holy Name & Face Devotion!”

“It is said that almost nothing is known about the life of Saint Joseph other than he “was a just man.” That’s no longer true thanks to Sister Maria Cecilia and the Life of Saint Joseph and Our Lord Jesus Christ who ‘manifested’ the story to her! The Life of Saint Joseph reveals Joseph’s incredible piety and holiness from before his birth to his death and is so inspirational and exciting, it’s a Game Changer. If you have a devotion to Saint Joseph, it will swell, if you don’t, you will.” – Mike Church

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Heroism and Genius!

Simply the best book on the market to tell the story of how the West was civilized, from clothing, architecture, literature, chivalry, handwriting and anything else we take for granted as a good thing today, by Catholic Priests and the religious faithful. – Mike Church

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Mary of Nazareth by Michael Hesemann

"I was skeptical about reading a Marian history book but after the first chapter's grand-slam historical-homer on the Advocato painting, I was hooked and I didn't put it down until I finished the appendix!" Anyone with a devotion to Our Lady will love this book; those without a devotion will find historical proof for why they should have one."- Mike Church

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