Introducing The FTP Loyalty Points Program!


Welcome To The Founders Tradin' Points Program!

Now, The FTP Rewards You For Being a Loyal Shopper, And We Offer Great Signup Bonuses For New Customers!
Signup For Points

Signing Up Is EASY!

Welcome to The Founders Tradin’ Post, Tradin’ Points™ Program!  We want to reward our customers for their loyalty and encourage them to share this reward program with family and friends! To sign up is easy:

• If you already have a Founders Pass username and password from shopping with us before, you are already registered!

• If you are not a current shopper, there is GREAT NEWS for you: by clicking the login button then using that form to register. We will GIVE YOU 500 BONUS POINTS just for signing up!

Earning Founders Tradin’ Points

A customer must have an account to earn points. Guest users cannot earn points as the system requires a user ID for it to work. To start earning points, register as a new customer then login to your account!

If the customer creates an account during the process of making their order, points will be earned for that order.


Product purchase. When a customer makes a purchase, they will earn 5 points for every dollar spent in the order ($10 minimum).

Points will be earned by the customer when the order status has been changed to either processing or completed which indicates that the order has been paid for.

There are many more ways for customers to earn optional points!

Earn extra points on first order/account signup.

Earn bonus points for higher spending e.g. $100+ and $200+ orders!

Earn points for leaving a product review!

Earn extra points during special promotional periods.

Redeeming Points

Customers can self-manage their points and redeem them at a time that suits them by logging into their accounts.

Points can be redeemed on the custom interface added as a tab/sub-page in the My Account section of your site.