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  • Marian Option Christmas Gift

    Marian Option Christmas Gift Set

    Gift Set Includes: 1 - Miraculous Medal super soft fabric t-shirt (don't forget to choose size) 1 - Marian Option by Carrie Gress (hardback) 1 - Anti-Mary Exposed by Carrie Gress (hardback)
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  • The-Valet-Gift-Box-For-Boys

    The Valet Gift Box For Boys

    $58.95 $58.95

    The Valet Gift Box For Boys

    Were you REALLY going to give your nephew/son a video game? Then you deserve the SoyBoy world you sentenced him to be a part of! A Real Auntie gives a gift that prepares Young Lancelot for Spiritual Warfare as a Knight of God: The Valet Gift Box For Boys!

    The Valet Gift Box For Boys Includes:

    1 - Young Man's Guide by Father Lasance 1 - Saint Michael's Comic Book 1 - For Greater Glory DVD 1 - Ladder Rosary (Combat Weapon) 1 - Chivalry Shield Sticker
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  • Little Flower Gift Box

    The Little Flower Gift Box (girls)

    $54.95 $54.95
    The Little Flower Gift Box Set TRUST US! Your granddaughter did NOT need that Trans Barbie™ you were about to buy her, what she needs are  the tools to make her a maiden princess worthy of our Valet’s Chivalry & God’s Love! The Little Flower Gift Box Set Includes: 1 - Saints for Girls: A First Book For Little Catholic Girls (hardback book) 1 - Rosary Bracelet (colors will vary) 1 - Handmade lavender soap (made w/ essential lavender oil, lavender pieces w/ a coconut oil and olive oil base) 1 - Marian Consecration for Children by Carrie Gress 1 - Little Saints Keychain (Saints will vary)
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Showing all 4 results