A.J. Fernandez New World, Cameroon Selection Torpedo Cigar

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Ask a cigar lover to name a master blender nowadays, and nine times out of ten their first response is going to be AJ Fernandez. And for great reason. From his monumental successes with boutique lines like Diesel and Man O’ War, to his revitalization of Cuban classics like Ramon Allones, to his own core line of products like New World and Bellas Artes, AJ is truly at the top of the game. Today, we welcome one of the newest additions to his wide portfolio – the New World Cameroon.

Can you believe in all his time blending, AJ’s yet to release a cigar with a Cameroon wrapper? Well, no longer. New World Cameroon features a sultry blend of tobaccos with binder and long-filler both supplied from AJ’s farms in Esteli. While the first New World was a full-bodied, all-throttle blend, this one’s a little closer to medium. Lighting it up, you’ll find tons of sweet, spicy notes perfectly balanced by the African leaf.

Style: Torpedo
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan