Mike Church-Piss Poor DJ CD

The first collection of my work ever published includes rare gems never before heard.

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Spirit of ’76 The Story Continues

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My first CD containing 26 songs and bits. This is the first collection of my work ever published and has some rare gems never before heard on it. Much of this material comes from the early days of my career 1994-1999 and was produced on old analog equipment. It still packs a comedic punch and shows the evolution of both the writing and the production.

Included are “Right Wingers Get Stoned” “Triple KKK” & “The Vasectomy Song”.

“A True Classic” – Strom Thurmond

“Mike Church Knows no Shame” – Michael Dukakis

Piss Poor DJ – Track List
Mike Church

the old douche bag calls
from “the mike church show” recorded at wbt charlotte nc, april 11 2000
piss poor dj ¥
dr. whore-a’s trivial persecution game
KKK roadside assistance †
old’s gym †††
beaver king †††
get a vasectomy π
vaginique from bum source
the butch club †††
skid mark-ex from bum source
pray oh L
marital law †
the reverend right shady heals
dr. whore-a’s trvial persecution game (radio edit)
double “d” trade
the real redbook by joan lovitz †
right wingers get stoned §
morning after pork pill ††
lougaine homo hair restoration cream ††

mister card †
america’s biggest slut ≈
sexual harassment playbook
miracle ho ††
the vas defrans defense force
from “the mike church show” recorded at wvnn huntsville al, july 27 1999
all tracks written by m. church ©2000, stoneage media (ASCAP) except:
† m. church ©1999 (ASCAP)
†† m. church ©1995 (ASCAP)
††† m. church ©1994 (ASCAP)
≈ m. church / j. anderson ©2000 (ASCAP)
¥ music ©1999 tom coster jr., marshall mathers, andre young, mike elizondo used with permission
lyrical arrangement and lyrics m. church 1999 (ASCAP)
π ©1978 John Farrar used with permission additional lyrics and musical arrangements
m. church 1999 (ASCAP)
§ ©1974 shel silverstein used with permission additional lyrics m. church 1999 (ASCAP)

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