Silver Plated Finger Rosary


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Silver Plated Finger Rosary

Keep the power of the rosary at your fingertips. This finger rosary is small enough to fit in your pocket and is made to wear around your finger. This ring has ten silver beads, equaling one decade of the rosary. The silver finger rosary rightfully features a crucifix at the top. Ponder the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries that venerate the life and mission of Jesus on earth, His selfless death, and magnificent resurrection. The rosary is a tool of comfort and represents the fact that you center around Him and what He stands for. It allows us time to be alone with the One who made us and loves us. This silver finger rosary is priced economically and makes a simple yet meaningful gift for any Catholic friend or family member who would appreciate the convenience of a finger rosary.


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