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Small Is Still Beautiful: Economics as if Families Mattered

autographed by Joseph Pearce

Book Description:

The sequel to E F Schumacher’s best-selling SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. E F Schumacher argued that our current pursuit of profit and progress which promotes giant organisations has resulted in gross economic inefficiency, pollution and inhumane working conditions. He proposed a system of intermediate technology, based on smaller working units and regional workplaces that use local resources. Joseph Pearce develops the ideas of Schumacher while taking up the themes of economic and political ‘smallness’ for our day. He continues his clarion cry against the idolatry of giantism by highlighting the beauty of smallness. Pearce recognizes that our ever-increasing rate of global consumption is depleting non-renewable natural materials at an alarming rate. He encourages us to summon the courage to ask the difficult questions and make the hard decisions. For bigger is not always best but small is still beautiful.

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