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St. Benedict Macrame (Adjustable) Bracelets


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St. Benedict Macrame Bracelets

Each bracelet is hand-made in Louisiana. The bracelets are made using 10 Silver plated or Bronze plated St. Benedictine Medals and strung together on dyed waxed macrame cord. These bracelets are adjustable to fit wrist sizes 6.5″ – 11”. (one size fits most)

(Since these are handmade, they are NOT available for discounts.)

Saint Benedict

Feast Day: July 11th

St. Benedict is believed to have been born around 480, as the son to a Roman noble of Norcia and the twin to his sister, Scholastica.

In the fifth century, the young Benedict was sent to Rome to finish his education with a nurse/housekeeper. The subject that dominated a young man’s study then was rhetoric — the art of persuasive speaking. A successful speaker was not one who had the best argument or conveyed the truth, but one who used rhythm, eloquence, and technique to convince. The power of the voice without foundation in the heart was the goal of the student’s education. And that philosophy was reflected in the lives of the students as well. They had everything — education, wealth, youth — and they spent all of it in the pursuit of pleasure, not truth. Benedict watched in horror as vice unraveled the lives and ethics of his companions.

Afraid for his soul, Benedict fled Rome, gave up his inheritance and lived in a small village with his nurse. When God called him beyond this quiet life to an even deeper solitude, he went to the mountains of Subiaco. Although becoming a hermit was not his purpose in leaving, there he lived as a hermit under the direction of another hermit, Romanus.

One day, during his time living in a cave above a lake as a hermit, the Devil presented Benedict’s imagination with a beautiful, tempting woman. Benedict resisted by rolling his body into a thorn bush until it was covered in scrapes. It is said through these body wounds, he cured the wounds of his soul. (read more about St. Benedict here)

Weight 1 lbs
Bracelet Color

black/silver, teal/bronze, forest green/silver, neon pink/silver, orange rust/silver, lavender/silver, forest green/bronze, lavender/bronze, neon green/silver, light yellow/bronze, dark red/silver

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