Stonewall Jackson (digital download)

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson (digital download)

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Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson

copyright 1928 John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Boston, Mass.

Anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about Stonewall Jackson! The first pamphlet in a series for persons of Historical Importance. Great for homeschool children, adults and the average True Blooded American that wants to learn more about American History.  Download the pdf now and read all about Stonewall Jackson.

Stonewal_Jackson_Pg_8_9_before_afterLegacy: Jackson’s sometimes unusual command style and personality traits, combined with his frequent success in battle, contribute to his legacy as one of the most remarkable characters of the Civil War. Although martial, stern in attitude, he was profoundly religious and a deacon in the Presbyterian Church. One of his many nicknames was “Old Blue Lights,” a term applied to a military man whose evangelical zeal burned with the intensity of the blue light used for night-time display. He disliked fighting on Sunday, although that did not stop him from doing so after much personal debate. He loved his wife very much and sent her tender letters. In direct contrast to Lee, Jackson was not a striking figure, often wearing old, worn-out clothes rather than a fancy uniform.

“Silence! ground arms! Kneel all! caps off! Old Blue-Light’s going to pray; Strangle the fool that dares to scoff, Attention! It’s his Way! Appealing from his native sod In forma pauperis to God, ‘Lay bare thine arm-stretch forth thy rod, Amen.’ That’s Stonewall’s way.”

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