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Cigar Refills For The Father’s Day Cigar & Humidor Gift Set (Cigars ONLY!!!!)

This is the DEAL of a Lifetime and we only have 20 units, just in time for Father’s Day! The Father’s Day Cigar & Humidor Gift Set contains:

1 Espinoza Cigars from cigar master Eric Espinoza – Espinosa Laranja Robusto Brazilian (5 1/2″ x 54

1 Rocky Patel Edge – Vintage 1990

1 Espinosa War Zone

1 Espinosa 60 Torpedo Box Pressed

1 Tabacos San Jeronimo Cigar – Premium Boutique Cigar

About Villeger cigars

Villiger Cigars was established in 1888 by Jean Villiger in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, where Villiger remains headquartered to this day. The company manufactures and sells more than 1.5 billion cigars annually, world-wide. Today, under the leadership of Heinrich Villiger, the company prides itself in its commitment to quality in all their products made in many countries around the globe. Scroll down to learn more about Villiger’s storied history. The Cuellar Connecticut Kreme premium cigar is perfect for the everyday smoker, the Villiger Cuellar blends aged Dominican tobaccos in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper for a superb creamy smoking experience. Exploration awaits. Let the Kreme be your guide.

San Jeronimo Boutique Cigars

The emphasis of this blend is to feature the amazing tobaccos of Honduras. Two types of tobaccos from two regions of Honduras have been incorporated into this blend. Expect a rich, flavorful, dry fruit flavors, with a mild floral finish. The wrapper is a Cuban seed Habano from Ecuador that really brings the blend full circle. Rich in flavor, medium bodied, and intriguing. Nicaraguan fillers from Jalapa give it good strength and flavor as well. Overall this is a very enjoyable cigar from beginning to end. Complex, flavorful, and rich. Most important, expect a clean finish as with all our blends. We only use the finest aged tobaccos in our cigars.

About Espinosa Cigars

Erik Espinosa may be a young buck in the cigar industry, but he is far from new to cigars. Born in Havana, Cuba and soon after relocating to Miami, Erik inherited his passion for cigars from his father, Erik Espinosa Sr. With a family of knowledge at his back, Erik began working in 1997, and got his hands on every facet of the cigar industry. Since then, he has been the mastermind behind brands such as Murcielago, 601, La Bomba, and Cubano, just to namedrop a few. After gaining success with these brands, Espinosa opened his own factory La Zona in Esteli, Nicaragua where he continues to wow us with premium cigars including Alpha Dog, Crema, and Espinosa Laranga Reserva. Erik Espinosa has taken the cigar industry by storm.

Espinosa Laranja Robusto Brazilian (5 1/2″ x 54) is draped in an extremely rare and unique wrapper from Brazil which has an orange hue; hence the name “Laranja” meaning “orange” in Portuguese, Brazil’s native languange. It is blended with Nicaraguan fillers giving it a medium to full body, and the blend is so complex and unique – a true step away from your everyday smoke.

As if 601 Serie wasn’t good enough, Erik Espinosa decided to raise the bar with this maduro-wrapped lovely finished in box-pressed format. On the outside, a dark Nicaraguan maduro glistens with oils and boasts a mouthwatering, toothy texture. Inside, a robust blend of aged Cuban-seed long-leaf tobaccos marries to promote a rich, medium to full-bodied profile layered with satisfying flavors.

Expect a classic combination of earth and coffee complemented by a touch of spice on the finish. Naturally, quality is top-notch with each slow-burning cigar, so sit back and savor this impressive super-premium. Stack 601 up against any other box-pressed maduro on the market — we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

About Rocky Patel Cigars

Many have fallen in love with Rocky’s original Edge, a full-throttle blend that combines an aggressive, full-bodied strength with perfectly balanced flavor. However, for most of us pedestrians this is not an everyday cigar. That’s why Edge Connecticut cigars were created. Crafted for those seeking big-time flavor without the knockout punch, Edge Connecticut combines a robust blend of Honduran-grown ligero – the same tobaccos used for the original Edge cigar – inside a silky Connecticut shade wrapper that’s super smooth. This wrapper tames the beast inside, issuing a smoother, creamier blend but retaining the complex layers of flavor that made it so popular.

Good news! Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut has earned a well-deserved 91-point rating, noting: “A sweet and spicy double corona with hints of citrus and a floral finish. The smoke is dense in texture and the cigar draws quite consistently.”

About CAO Nicaragua

Since Rick Rodriguez has taken over CAO, they’ve released winner after winner after winner. From the uber-contemporary design and blend of CAO Flathead, to the experimental, innovative releases featuring Brazilian tobaccos like the Fuma em Corda, to more traditional cigars like CAO Pilon… it seems like Ricky can do no wrong. Today, that win streak continues with the newest entry in the “world-famous” World Series – CAO Nicaragua.

Yes, though they’ve visited Italy, Colombia, and America on their tour of tobacco dominance, CAO has never released a blend specifically designed to highlight Nicaraguan tobaccos until now. At the core of this cigar you’ll find plenty of lush, extensively aged Nicaraguan long-fillers from the Jalapa Valley, Esteli, and Condega. Clad in a Honduran Jamastran wrapper leaf, this CAO booms out with a full-bodied blast of pepper with a core of nuts and toasty tobacco backing it up. Sure to become a best-seller like Brazilia and Italia before it, CAO Nicaragua is destined for greatness. Get in now.

CAO Nicaragua has earned an awesome 91-point rating, noting: “There’s a good draw and burn to this dark and oily cigar. It’s earthy and oaky with touches of vanilla and spearmint that lead to a bold, leathery finish.”

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