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The VERITAS Radio NETWORK-Featuring the Mike Church Show on CRUSADE-CrowdFunding

This CRUSADE Crowdfunding Effort Has Ended, Thanks!




Marquee_movie_poster_Autpgraphed_by_Director_Mike_church-612x300Mandeville, LA  –  Our need to raise $$$ to insure The Veritas Radio Network’s survival continues as does the need to retire the debt incurred to launch the site and the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel; please join the Veritas Radio Revolution and donate what you can. As Wisdom Wednesday co-host David Simpson says of the need to support this effort:

“As you know, Mike was released from Sirius/XM after over a decade of faithful service.  I believe this was done because of Mike’s relentless search for truth.  I am sure you agree…whether or not you agree with his findings!  And because you respect freedom, I am sure that you would say that the journalistic world needs more men like Mike Church, not fewer!


But instead of cursing the darkness, Mike has lit a candle.  He is starting his own network and will continue to broadcast his daily show…hopefully to an ever-expanding audience.  That is where you come in. Mike needs your help in expanding the listener base so that his message, the message of freedom, continues to be available to the American public. Again, if only ONE person responds to our fundraising efforts, you have effectively doubled Mike’s patron base.


Mike and a crew of loyal supporters have estimated that the Veritas Radio Network’s equipment upgrades and additions will cost between $20-30k, the web development and production between $10-15 and the additional labor in replacing producer Paul Demilio and one other support staffer at least another $50k. Please consider a contribution in any amount, made below and also consider telling friends and family to make plans to become Remnant Radio network subscribers.

Please pray for Mike and his new endeavor.  With God’s help and yours, how can it fail?

David Simpson

Total Backers16
Total Sum$2,880.00
Start Date2016/07/01
End Date2016/11/30
Time RemainingThe campaign ended 1 year, 9 months, 20 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes, 58 seconds ago
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