Times That Try Mens Souls Limited Edition

The story of the events that led to George Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Day, 1776





This extremely rare Limited Edition Includes:

  • 18×24 (Marquee Size) Washington Crossing Map (Upgrade to Parchment paper, limited edition Map is available)
  • Times That Try Mens Souls audio disc in white Amaray case
  • Certificate of Authenticity (numbered/signed/dated)


The writer/director and star of “The Spirit of ’76 and What Lincoln Killed is back with his latest feature about the Founding Fathers “Times That try Mens Souls” a thrilling new docudrama about the real events of 1776 and George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware river on Christmas Day. Co-starring Mike’s daughter Maddie Church Times That Try Mens Souls features the voice talent of George McNerlin who returns as George Washington. McNerlin has been Church’s choice for Washington since The Spirit of ’76.


The Story begins

The original map drawn by Mike Church covering the route of this most epic American struggle
The original map drawn by Mike Church covering the route of this most epic American struggl

Originally conceived as 30 minute special for the Mike Church Show on Christmas Eve, 2103, the story just kept growing as Mike wrote and once begun, he could not stop without spinning the entire, amazing story few Americans know.

Now, for the first time in recorded media, the entire story of George Washington’s engagement of the British Army at Long Island and the series of miraculous retreats that battle spawned are told. Narrated by Mike Church, Times That Try Men’s Souls is an audio-epic you and your family do not want to miss.

Ben Franklin tells General Howe the States are Independent & only They can rescind or surrender (destroys the Lincoln myth of 1 indivisible blob of America created by Declaration)

Washington resolves to strike back at the Empire

Thomas Paine recounts Washington’s miraculous retreat across NJ

The Crossing’s courageous plan is launched on Christmas Day, 1776

The story opens with the history of Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting of “Washington’s Crossing” and the miraculous retreat Washington had to execute from Long Island, across Manhattan, and nearly half the length of New Jersey. Along the way, Washington loses almost 2/3 of his army to KIA’s, desertion, capture and failure to re-enlist. It is only by “Providence” that he crosses the 6th river in his retreat just as Lord Cornwallis is about to capture him. The story of the events that inspired “The Crossing” are exciting and new to most listeners, plus Church reveals the identity of the famous “widow that saved the Revolution” the Widow of Mount Holly. The Widow detained the Hessian, Count Donop and prevented him from being in his proper position on Christmas Day, a feat that spared Washington from certain defeat at Trenton.

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