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What Lincoln Killed – EPISODE I – Directors Edition download version

Contains over 25 minutes of NEW material including 2 brand new bonus tracks

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Preview: The Timothy Pickering Story

Preview: Thomas Jefferson, John Taylor & James Madison Invent “Nullification”!

Preview: President Jefferson Approves of the Northern States Seceding

What Did Abraham Lincoln Kill?

Digital Download Version of Episode 1:

NEW!!! – The “What Lincoln Killed -EPISODE I – Diretcors Edition” contains over 25 minutes of NEW material including 2 brand new bonus tracks; over 175 restored, remixed and additional audio enhancements; a brand new digitally remixed, and remastered presentation personally conducted by writer/producer/director Mike Church. This product represents the ultimate achievement in audio, documentary presentation and culminates 7 months of tireless efforts.


  1. The ReFederator Unmasked- Like solving the mystery of Sgt Peppers & “I buried Paul” at last fans can hear the actual words used by the ReFederator in his pro Yankee-secession speeches
  2. John Taylor’s Entire Speech to The U.S. Senate on The Constitutionality of The Louisiana Purchase – Was the LA Purchase Constitutional? Yes, entirely and Thomas Jefferson enlisted John Taylor as a United States Senator to make the case – here is the entire speech Taylor made on behalf of the Purchase as delivered to the U.S. Senate in December, 1803.

Mandeville, LA – 134 minutes of a hilarious, yet historically accurate, Jeffersonian tour through the early republic will make you laugh, cry, cheer for the good guys and learn that up until 1832 the American States’ right of secession was closely guarded and near universally recognized.

Starring Emmy Award winner Jay Thomas and voice acting stars Steve Cook & Jean Hetherington (Patrick Henry in “Spirit of ’76″).

Here is a review from 1 satisfied customer:

“By JacobE –  Mike Church has done a wonderful job of producing this audio program. Normally just hearing founding documents being read can be tedious and boring. This audio series is definitely different. It engages the audience and immerses them into the story. Mike has incorporated a realistic drama about his daughters and their school assignments to better help explain these founding documents. There are many obvious comedic lines in the story, but also quite a few subtle ones. What Lincoln Killed will teach you things never taught at school. It is very informative and enjoyable.”

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