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Wisdom Wednesday-Trying For The Best Lent Ever? Then Listen To Wisdom Wednesday’s Classic Fasting Rules!

Special Guest Brother Andre host of ReConquest

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  • Ash Wednesday is part of Lent.
  • Today is the first day of Lent though.
  • The bigger view is this, the Easter part of the calendar the Easter Cycle begins after the completion of the Christmas cycle.
  • Septuagesima – 70 days 
  • The Church wasn’t so precise about the 40 days.


  • Regular intermittent fasting is very healthy for you.
  • Periodic Fasting – you don’t eat all day until dinner for a week.
  • Breakfast literally comes from ‘breaking your fast’
  • You can’t call it breakfast anymore b/c we never really STOP eating.
  • Impulse items strategically placed at all checkout lines.
  • There is a mechanism in your digestive tract that tells your brain, “hey stop eating I am full” but processed foods have a chemical that STOPS that current from going to your brain.
  • Healthy new immune cells – 3 days of ZERO food
  • You don’t eat for 3 days to strengthen your body!
  • The Novena of Grace by
  • Saint Casismir: Saint Casimir of Poland (1483):
  • Lent is a perfect time 
  • The 12 virtues of the Month – every month you focus on a specific virtue. 
  • You should all know what temperament your children have.
  • This will aid you if you are homeschooling.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Motet: Omni die dic Mariae
  • Saint Edward the Confessor – typically seen holding a church
  • The Cone of Silence – Brother Andre Marie Rome meeting Friday the 20th