The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

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  1. Dave1

    Mike love your new web site. My wife is a graduate of Stony Brook from many years ago so I was eager to listen to your speech & share with her (& others). I quote you often & plan to listen to all of ‘speech week’. Thanks, Dave

  2. TheKingDude

    Dallon, Send your friends here to view/listen to and discuss this topic and more. I am generally hanging around here, waiting to answer questions and discuss the great issues of our time AND Theirs (The Founders).

  3. Dallon

    Thank you. The stories are fascinating. I have no idea where to look for this information except to ‘thee’ king dude. Rest assured I will make every effort possible to repeat them accurately and will give you due credit and acknowledgment. You are great. Thanks again. — Dallon, aka,Storyteller

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