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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – (Editor’s Note: This transcript and Clip of The Day were originally Published on: Apr 29, 2014) “I’ll tell you what that means.  That means that the importation of Guatemalans into this state is none of the federales’ business.  We’re not at war with them.  No one has accused them of committing warlike activities against them, meaning the rest of the state.  If we want to import Guatemalans in here to pick sugarcane, we can import all the Guatemalans we want.  We don’t need a permission slip from Congress, end of story.”  Check out today’s Clip of The Day and transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Clip of The Day & Transcript

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Mike:  Just to revisit this very briefly, because this is going to come up twixt now and the election, there are many of you that are afraid that the Boehner sellouts in the imperial congress are going to sell you out again, they’re going to make a deal with Dumbocrats so that they can try and score electoral points, and the deal they’re going to make is they’re going to grant some kind of amnesty to the illegals that are already here and then will write some kind of rule dealing with future immigrants that will allow many of them legally into the United States.  Of course, we are told over and over and over again that this is an enumerated act of Congress, and that Congress has ultimate authority to set these types of rules, and that immigration is in their purview.

You need to read that part of the enumerated powers again because you have been misled.  They can naturalize citizens.  They can make some rule — this would require a very detailed discussion, which I’m happy to have and perhaps someday I’ll have Professor McClanahan on and ask him about this.  You may also have noted that there is a part of the Constitution that says any law for new immigrants into the United States, the Congress cannot make a law until the year 1808, 20 years after ratification.  That specifically is dealing with slaves and the importation of slaves.  It doesn’t say that, but anyone alive at that time and shortly thereafter and a generation or two after that, everyone alive knew what that clause meant.  This is another one of these clauses that was never intended to be used for this purpose, that has been dragged out and is now used to allegedly confer the power to manage and regulate every living soul that can or cannot enter one of the several states.  That is not how the federal system is supposed to work.

Remember, alien friends are distinct from alien enemies.  If you don’t know what that means, go to my website at and just type in the term “alien friends” and read away.  What’s an alien friend, Mike?  Here’s what an alien friend is.  Right now we have no declared wars with any nation on Earth that I am aware of.  Let’s just take a country that is in our hemisphere as an example.  Pick a country, Eric.  I’ll let you pick.  Give me the name of a country, doesn’t matter which one.

Eric:  Guatemala.

Mike:  That’s not in our hemisphere.  I said hemisphere.  Well, I guess if you do hemispheres laterally it is.  All right.  We’ll use Guatemala.  Are we at friend with Guatemala?  No, we are not.  So then there would be no prohibition against commiserating with enemies and those that are making war against them, which is also a cause for treason, right?  Guatemalans then would be considered by the State of Louisiana, where I currently reside, if we so chose, as alien friends.  Mike, what does that mean?  I’ll tell you what that means.  That means that the importation of Guatemalans into this state is none of the federales’ business.  We’re not at war with them.  No one has accused them of committing warlike activities against them, meaning the rest of the state.  If we want to import Guatemalans in here to pick sugarcane, we can import all the Guatemalans we want.  We don’t need a permission slip from Congress, end of story.  Now, I know you’ve been told the exact opposite of that, but that doesn’t make it true.  This is another one of these powers that has just been perverted and transferred to Mordor.

Now, let’s answer part two of the query.  Can Louisiana then naturalize those Guatemalans?  Well, as a citizen of Louisiana or as a municipal resident, yes, we absolutely can.  Can we naturalize them as American citizens?  No, we cannot.  They would not be able to get a passport from the union of states under the style of the United States of America.  You do know that once upon a time the states did issue their own passports.  It wasn’t a one-size-fits-all go to the post office and get one.  You could actually get one from your own state.  This is how we have perverted the concept of federalism.  It’s none of the federales’ business whether we import Guatemalans or Frenchies or the Spanish or the Vietnamese or anyone else.  If we’re not at war with them, then they are covered by the alien friend clause, to be recognized as alien friends.

How do we know that you’re telling the truth, Mike, and you’re not just making it up?  You can read all about this in James Madison’s “Virginia Report of 1799 and 1800.”  You can find it at any library.  There are digital copies online.  This is where Madison, appealing to the Virginia Legislature — with Monroe, by the way, as governor at the time, and with John Taylor of Caroline County as his spokesman — appealing for an effort to try and stop the Alien and Sedition Acts.  You know this today as interposition and nullification advocated by, first the State of Kentucky, then the State of Virginia.  Madison concluded, in a very long and laborious report, that the treatment of alien friends is covered under municipal authority of the states.  In the same manner that you are allowed locally to elect your own police chief, your own constables, your own civil servants inside your states, this is a municipal authority.  These are powers that are exerted and used by the people.  Because they’re used by the people of the states, they are retained, they are reserved by them.  Admitting alien friends is one of those powers.

Long story short, you’re fretting over Congress exerting a power that they really don’t have a power to exert.  Now, there have been various acts that have transpired since the original understanding of what I just told you was promulgated and then adhered to.  In the ensuing years, of course, Congress has, like in so many other instances, has acquired that power to itself.  Of course, now everyone thinks they can use it unilaterally and it is their power and it’s conferred by the Constitution, but history says that it wasn’t and isn’t.  They may have, again, some powers under the Importation Clause, but I even think that’s debatable.

In any event, this is what, when Jeb Bush is talking about being friendly and showing acts of love towards all these immigrants, that really is something that is none of Jeb Bush’s business as a federal candidate.  It might have been his business — here’s the irony.  When he was the governor of Florida, it would have been his business.  Does Jeb Bush realize that?  Probably not.  Does anybody else that’s going to comment on this realize that?  Probably not.  And thus the national conundrum and tyranny we currently suffer so heavily and mightily under.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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