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Mandeville, LA – I hope the title of this piece doesn’t imply that I am TEACHING a course in philosophia perennis because that is not the case. I will be studying Brother Francis Maluf’s marvelous philosophia perennis lecture series WITH YOU. Best of all, the St Augustine Center has blessed us with a 20% discount off the regular price for the course (read Brother Francis’s bio here). This will reduce the cost for the complete, 9 subject course to $280 from the regular $350 (for mp3 downloads)..

You can listen to all the introductory lectures FREE at the St Augustine Institute. I have embedded the intro to logic for your convenience, above. To take the course in a group setting as we would in a classroom I propose the following:

Signup TODAY to become a Founders Pass Member at the Philosophia Perennis Level (the link works now). Of course I would really appreciate you being a paying Founders Pass Member (click here to sign up for a yearly Pass) too to offset my expenses in conducting this volunteer effort. NOTA BENE: If you are ALREADY a Founders Pass member you do NOT need to register for this new level, simply send me an email and I will add the philosophia perennis level to your account manually.

Founders_Pass_DONATION• After we get a headcount the St Augustine Institute will give us a universal coupon code to use to get the discount. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL I ANNOUNCE THE CODE via email on Friday, 17 April. Then download the Philosophia Perennis course from the St Augustine Institute

• Listen to the 9 introduction lectures in the next 2 weeks. Then listen to at least lecture 1 in the class on minor logic.

• Beginning Tuesday evening, 28 April, we will meet weekly in a private, Philosophia Perennis chatroom on this site and review that week’s lecture. We can ask and answer each other’s questions and chat about what we learned. There are 21 lectures on minor logic, this means we should complete Logic in early November even building in 2 weeks for summer vacation. I will ask Br. Andre Marie of the St Augustine Institute if he can pop in on some of our meetings and add to the conversation.

• Begin the course in Cosmology in the second week of Novembe (after we complete Minor Logic).

Here is Brother Lawrence Mary describing WHY philosophia perennis is so vitally important if we are to reverse the hedonism and ill-informed apostasy we live with today.

For example, one essential “plank” in our platform is that God exists. Brother Francis approaches this affirmation in various ways. Over time the student becomes convinced that not only does God exist but, most importantly, that He is a loving God whose mandate for us, His creatures, is to work out our salvation, which also turns out to be our only source of true happiness.

Another essential concept is the spirituality and thus the immortality of the human soul. The student learns that this idea, in addition to being part of Divine Revelation, was also discovered by the careful reasoning of ancient pagan Greek philosophers. In fact, throughout the courses, Brother insists that there can be no contradiction between good natural philosophy and the Truths of Revelation. This logical meshing of the natural and divine provides a strength of conviction that is not possible by any other means.

Crusader_Christ__warned_ISIS_aboutReaders digesting the above two paragraphs may be shocked to see a course in philosophy so closely related to a course in Theology so let me explain my purpose in initiating this group study: a Crusade to revive the dormant foundation of Christian civilization, the Church Militant, and produce leaders who will promote and defend that foundation as superior to the political process. Is this even possible today, you ask? The St Augustine Center answers.

But our platform does much more. It unites us with the greatest philosophers and theologians in history. It deepens our Faith and affords us the ability to meditate with greater profit than ever before. It provides us with the foundation necessary to understand the deepest Catholic theological principles. It prevents us from being prey to modern false philosophies. It unites us into a common school of thought from which we gain strength and confidence and helps us to be true soldiers of Christ and remain loyal to the Center’s doctrinal crusade. It allows us to evaluate anyone’s proposals, ideas, arguments, and writings with speed and accuracy. Like Brother says, with a sound philosophical education, we are like honey bees who can go into the heart of thistle and pull out the nectar while avoiding all the thorns.

There is much more to this than can be detailed here. Listen to the introduction to Minor Logic (shown above) and let’s get started!



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  1. John Whitney

    Did you reserve any remnant numbers for Brothers Andre, Louis, Joseph and David. If so let me know and I’ll buy the shirts for them along with one for myself.

  2. ninov

    add the philosophia perennis level to my account manually. Ninov – I’ve been all over and can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Maybe this is the only way. Looked for the email you mentioned in yesterday’s show and I do not see that either. Thank you sir. – State Rep. Nino Vitale

  3. icedoc


    I hate to bother you, but I have tried the link to attach philosophia prennis to my new Founders Pass membership and I get a 404 web error. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



  4. icedoc

    Mr. Church,

    I have just become your newest Founder’s Pass member, and I would like to be added to your philosophia perennis level as well.

    Thanks very much,


  5. Michael

    Mr. Church,
    I tried to register using the link above but got the 404 error. Please attach the philosophia perennis level to the kaiser98 account.

    Kind Regards,

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