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Tacos, Beer & Abortions, What A Great Party Idea From Moloch’s Minions in NOLA

Download a FREE copy of the book Mike Church says changed his life Humility of Heart
Download a FREE copy of the book Mike Church says changed his life Humility of Heart

Mandeville, LA – Just when you think the sorcerer’s spells couldn’t make Americans more hedonistic and depraved then they already are, along comes a bar in NOLA called “Handsome Willy’s” announcing their annual ritual to celebrate the human sacrifice to Baphomet that abortion is: Tacos, Beers and Abortion. The graphic for the event mocks and objectifies the female reproductive anatomy as if it is a chalice to guzzle beer out of not knowing that men respect their beer choices more than they do most women who consent to adultery and abortions as a result. Note that there will be “tasty rotisserie meats”, hmmm, I wonder of those cuts are PPA (Planned Parenthood of America) Grade A?

The flyer promises that “revelers” can win DOOR PRIZES. Here is a short list of suggestions for those prizes:

1. Win a dream date with Baphomet but be warned, the last winner was NOT allowed a post-demon orgy abortion and was forced to have her baby (how very Christian of them!). Just ask ROSEMARY how that worked out for her.
2. A year’s supply of “morning after” birth control pills. This prize come with the option to double the pills from 365 to 730!
3. GRAND PRIZE: Win backstage passes to see a late term abortion and get an autographed picture taken with the “mother” AND the executioner, Big FUN for the whole fam..well…for the family that might have been!

As of this writing, 53 people are going to celebrate human sacrifice and help insure it continues; all that is left for us is to pray and weep into a pool of our own making as Our Lord did for Jerusalem knowing that in 37 years it was to be made to pay for its Errors; and be sacked by the Roman Emperor Titus. “And when he drew near, seeing the city [of Jerusalem], he wept over it…thy enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round…”

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