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 Texas Surrenders to Debt Master Cornyn

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “If you’re looking at Texas and looking for a barometer here, or an indication of the future, you can safely say then that a little less than five percent — since we’re talking about Texas, maybe we can fudge that number a bit.  Let’s say between five and eight percent of the adult population has gotten religion.  What do you propose to do about the other 93 percent that has no religion?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  To get 10.7 percent of the vote, which, as I said, I think is pretty near to the vote total that Debra Medina was able to get in the 2010 primary.  These are Republican primaries.  This is not 10.7 percent of the voting population.  It’s 10.7 percent of the GOP voting population.  Folks, this shows you, Stovall’s campaign in the great State of Texas, if you can’t get it done in Texas, then tell me, where on earth can you get it done?  I know somebody is screaming right now “Kentucky!”  I think the Kentucky race was just a bit different because at the time that Senator Rand Paul was running for that Senate seat, even though his father wasn’t polling in super double digits as a presidential candidate, he had run for the office on two prior occasions and was enough of a name brand to help Senator Paul grab a foothold.  Make no mistake about it, I’m not making any excuses for Rand.  Rand ran a good campaign and is a good campaigner.

If you’re looking at Texas and looking for a barometer here, or an indication of the future, you can safely say then that a little less than five percent — since we’re talking about Texas, maybe we can fudge that number a bit.  Let’s say between five and eight percent of the adult population has gotten religion.  What do you propose to do about the other 93 percent that has no religion?  By the bye, on the Dumbocrat side of Texas, as Wilkow calls her, Wendy Davis “Pro-Abortion Barbie” just skated to a primary win, 79.1 percent over 20.9 percent to some cat named Ray Madrigal.  It will be Davis v. Greg Abbott, current attorney general, for the governor’s seat.  No Democrat has won the Texas governorship since Ann “Ma” Richards won it back in 1990.  How many of you remember Ann “Ma” Richards?  The 1992 Democrat National Convention [mocking] “We don’t lie.  We’s Democrats.  We don’t lie.”  That was Ann “Ma” Richards, the last Democrat to win the Texas governor’s mansion.  The pro-abortion Barbie v. Greg Abbott, I don’t have a handicap on that because I haven’t really looked at it.

Let’s go back to the Stovall point.  Remember a couple weeks ago we were reading Albert Jay Nock and we were talking about Remnants, about how you may think you’re talking to a wall, which most days I do, you may think you’re talking to a Three Stooges cutout set up in the corner of any room, which most days I do, you may think that you’re campaigning for an office and speaking to that wall that I just described or to almost, figuratively speaking, nothing, no one.  What you’re actually speaking to is what is described in the Old Testament as Remnants.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

The Remnant is a holdover from a bygone era or from an older way of living, a lifestyle, if you will, or maybe a philosophical point of view that has fallen out of favor and is no longer turned to or relied upon by the populous, thus leaving behind a few that refuse to assimilate.  There are always a few that won’t go along and be Borg.  There are always a few that resist the Borg, that resist the collective, that resist becoming part of Big Brother’s apparatuses.  Those are the ones that turn out for people, republicans like Dwayne Stovall.

If you break the Texas vote down here, and if we compare this to what Congressman Paul got in the polls consistently across the state, to what Debra Medina got in the polls and was able to attract in the governor’s election four years ago, we can safely say that even in the circles where we’re supposed to be most welcome, where republicanism, constitutionalism, limited government, free markets, and all that stuff is supposed to be most welcome, it is easy to illustrate that at the upper end of the spectrum, upper end of the spectrum, in most cases — certainly not all.  Hopefully Greg Brannon and Rob Maness, the other two of the three amigos, have a chance to prove me wrong here, and I hope that they do.

But in almost every instance, there is a ceiling, a ceiling of somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of our fellow “conservative” brethren that can be relied upon.  If that’s the status of the “conservative” party, explain to me how any reform is going to tackle — here, let me ask it a different way.  Explain to me how any effort at reform is actually going to tackle the ginormous pile of decades’ worth of problems that have accrued if you can only win over, at a maximum, on your own side, less than one-fifth of the population?  Then you see, one, the gargantuan size of the task, two, the scale of the task, and three, just how complete the corruption is. It’s items and issues like this being important that give rise to nationalists like John Cornyn who skate to victory in what we thought was previously independent Texas yesterday.  Back to the phones, Dude 1454 in Oregon.  How you doing?

Caller:  Hey, Brother Church.  It’s a pleasure to talk to you again.

Mike:  What’s up?

Caller:   I’m responding to the emergency dude system.  Please have mercy on us.  No Hillary of any form.

Mike:  No, there won’t be any Hillary.

Caller:  Okay.  I’m not going to indulge in any conspiracy theory.  I’m just looking at the map.  On Ukraine’s western border, we see three countries, Romania, Slovakia and Poland that would be delighted to put a hitch in Mr. Putin’s plan.

Mike:  So what are you insinuating?  What do you mean?

Caller:  Well, I think that they would be more than willing to open their very poorest borders and turn a blind eye to a bunch of stingers and a tank rocket and a boatload of AK ammunition.

Mike:  well, there’s also the little-known fact, Dude 1454, that we are getting a lot of our supplies into Afghanistan thanks to the Russians because they have proven themselves to be more reliable than the Pakis.  This is why we have certain alliances or certain deals or agreements with the Russians.  It’s a mess.  It is an absolute mess.  It doesn’t need us to make it a bigger mess.  And it certainly doesn’t need our media.


Can you just imagine this?  We have stories on our news every single day of the week about people that are allegedly, either A, morbidly obese, and are therefore near death’s door, or are morbidly thin and can’t find any food and are allegedly near death’s door.  We have the lowest employment as a percentage of the adult population in the history of the modern era of the United States today.  We have debt that is in excess of $220 trillion.  We have a healthcare law that is being implemented that is going to cost hundreds of thousands of jobs per month.  We have constitutional crisis after constitutional crisis.  We have our own states and state actors and state legislators that are passing laws, that are passing acts that their people are demanding, and they are being revoked, they are being vetoed, they are being repulsed by our version of Vladimir Putin; we call him Obama.

return-to-common-senseLet me ask you people a question.  If you had to pick, would you pick Obama or Putin?  I said yesterday, jokingly, that I’ll give you one John McCain, one Kelly Ayotte, and one Lindsey Graham for one Vladimir Putin.  I’ll take Vlad the Impaler.  So the problems that we have here don’t seem to be getting much attention, and the attention that they’re getting, they’re not getting Christian love.  You know what they’re getting?  They’re getting the usual: Throw some government money at it and hope it goes away.  All the while, government is working to create more problems, myriads of problems so that it can swoop in and purport to save the day.

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Then we had primary elections in Texas yesterday.  We have good men, republicans on the ballot, who made respectable showings with almost 11 percent of the vote, speaking of Dwayne Stovall, but were beaten by federales that just voted for a debt ceiling increase and have voted in the past for the previous debt ceiling increases that has landed the national cash debt that’s on the balance sheet today at almost $17.6 trillion.  This is how you get ahead in the United States if you’re in the U.S. Senate: vote to spend your children and grandchildren’s money that they haven’t even earned yet, and they couldn’t have earned it because they haven’t even been born yet.  Well, let’s reward them with a 58 percent party showing that: We love what you’re doing, Johnny boy.  You keep doing it.  You go in there and you beat that Democrat, whoever it is, in November and all will be right with the world.


End Mike Church Show Transcript


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