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The Gaystapo’s Marxist Sodomite Vampires Claim A Life & Are Proud of It






Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 495.

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The Judegement Pornosphere™ Actually Claims A Porno “Star” – August Ames is dead. Hopegully, like me, you don’t know who August Ames is but that doesn’t mean her story and now her suicide aren’t worth learning a bit about. When Ames refused to do a porn shoot with a man who had recently performed sodomy, on-camera, she was shamed by the GayStappo lynch mob as a “homophobe”. But the shaming then turned to threats as it does with these diabolically inspired hedonists. Ames received no mercy, no accolades for her “diversity” in choices and no support from lesbian members of Gal Queda. Because she committed suicide I can’t say she went “Carmelite” and I don’t know her final moments and how God might judge her but I can say she did NOT go sodomite and the Marxist Sodomite Vampires will not accept deviation from their script.

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