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Mandeville, LA – Born in Florence at the beginning of the 14th century, he entered religious life in the Carmelite house in his native city.

“[Corsini was] marvelous by the example of his life and his eloquence…the father and administrator of the poor”.

andrew corsini
Saint Andrew Corsini, Vatican Colonnade # 92

On the day of his ordination in 1328, the Holy Virgin said: “I chose you as my servant, one day I will be magnified through you. He was appointed Provincial of Tuscany in 1348 by the General Chapter meeting in Metz and the following year he was named bishop of Fiesole, near Florence. He governed his diocese well, becoming a model of charity and an eloquent preacher.

He was distinguished by his zeal for the apostolate, his wise judgement and his love for the poor. He was admired and appreciated by everyone. Many people, rich or less well endowed, came to him as peacemaker after the many years of in-fighting and quarrelling which had ruined their families and their cities.

On the night of Christmas of 1373, while Andrew had been celebrating the midnight Mass of Christmas, the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and told him he would leave this world on the feast of the Epiphany, to meet God. It came to pass, and he died on that day.

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Saint Andrew Corsini. Line engraving by Frezza after C. Mara- By: Giovanni Girolamo
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images


Miracles were so multiplied at his death that Pope Eugene IV permitted a public cult immediately. He is often represented holding his crosier, with a wolf and a lamb at his feet, or hovering over a battlefield on a cloud or a white steed — this in memory of his miraculous intervention in a battle the Florentine people won by his assistance.

St. Andrew Corsini

He was canonized by Pope Urban VIII on April 29, 1629.

Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence, Tuscany, Italy. The Vault over the entire Nave, with the Apse on the Left and the main entrance on the Right. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
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