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The Nephilim Spawn Graduate From “Racist” to “White Supremacist”

Mandeville, LA – Headline: Kellyanne Conway: I’m Getting Death Threats Fueled by Pro-Clinton Rhetoric

“Progressives” have tired of merely hurling “racist” at those who observe there is a natural law and a God that created it and graduated to the paranoid “white supremacist”. When that doesn’t bring on the kingdom of the Nephilim spawn of Margaret Sanger and Beazelbub, what’s next, a Times Square “sacrifice” of a black, lesbian, transitioning, “woman’s” 9 month gestated child? O’ Ba’al, hear our prayer!

Conway also slammed Jen Palmieri, who was communications director for Clinton’s presidential campaign, for penning an op-ed in The Washington Post on Thursday in which she claimed the Trump campaign catered to white supremacists.

Palmieri wrote, “I don’t know whether the Trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. But the campaign clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white-nationalist movement.”

The Washington Post also ran a piece written by editorial board member Jonathan Capeheart titled, “Yes, Kellyanne Conway, you did provide a platform for white supremacy.”

When asked by MSNBC’s Matthews if the back-and-forth accusations are “going to end,” Conway cited the Post pieces, as well as the death threats.

“Ask Jen Palmieri that because she’s writing an op-ed, somebody else in The Washington Post today has a scathing headline about me which is not true but did lead to some death threats today and that’ll be on their doorstep.”

The fact that Conway is a devout Catholic, mother of 4 seems not to matter to the gnomes who are playing this deadly game which now impacts her family. Of course, obliterating family has always been the demonic, Marxist horde’s objective. What’s that, don’t think Hillary and her demonic cheering section are and have always been Marxists, promoting an agenda designed to replace Christian/Catholic family tradition with one of The Prince’s making? Here is Father John Hardon, laying out the plot’s 15 point plan.

10. The Artificial Institutions of Marriage and the Family. Since Marxism denies any sacred or spiritual character to human life beyond the merely economic, it logically claims that marriage and the family are purely civil and, in fact, merely artificial institutions. They are the outcome of an outmoded economic system. There are no moral bonds of marriage. There are only such privileges as the collectivity may see fit to grant persons to mate and procreate, for the sake of the collectivity and subject to its conditions. An indissoluble marriage bond may be humored by the state, but it has no inherent rights before the civil law.

11. The Emancipation of Women. Marxism is especially characterized by its rejection of any link that binds women to the family and the home. Women’s emancipation is proclaimed as a cardinal principle of the socialist interim that will usher in the classless society of the future. Women are to be first encouraged and then, if need be, compelled to withdraw from the family and the care of children. These are regularly stigmatized “bourgeois” activities, Liberated from household chores and the rearing of a family through thousands of childcare centers, women are to be thrust instead into public life and collective production under the same conditions as men.

12. No Parental Rights in Education. Correlative with the function of women as robots (Russian for “work”), the collectivity assumes the total responsibility for the education and training of children. The euphemistic statement in the Manifesto, “Free education for all children in public schools,” has been implemented to mean that the state alone has the right to educate. In practice, this has further meant that the state, and not the parents, has the exclusive prerogative to determine who shall teach, under what curriculum, with what textbooks, and how the matter is communicated. The previous mandate of the Manifesto (number 10) should be joined with another mandate (number 6), that is, “Centralization of the means of communication. . . in the hands of the state.”

13. Economics, the Basis of Society. In the Marxian scheme of society, economics is the fundamental law of human existence. It is not freedom, or human rights, or a divinely established moral order, or the pursuit of happiness, or the service of God, but uniquely the advancement of the economic system. Greater production of material goods, more efficiently, in a more collectivized manner – this is the bedrock of a society’s well being. This must be given precedence over everything else; as everything else mentioned must be subordinated to technological productivity.


Kelly Anne Conway and tens of millions of ‘Murican voters recoil from, reject and attempt, through Grace, a life in combat with the above. Small wonder Ba’al’s minions would target her. Pray for Kelly Anne Conway in your Novena for Our Nation and Advent Novena’s to Saint Andrew.

Seriously, the forces of the world’s prince are getting angrier and shedding the “progressive, caring, diverse” costumes they’ve worn since Darwin.

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