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Mandeville, LA – From Today’s Mike Church Show, Mike explains why the once august body of the US Senate is a current parody of a deliberative body with Senator Patty Murray being the latest to continue the joke, filing the aptly titled, Bosses Stay Out of My Business Act (if that’s not a title from President Camacho of Idiocracy, I don’t know what is).

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “That’s what we ought to be talking about when we’rediscussing these Hobby Lobby-style cases and these absolutely ridiculous and I must say stultifying arguments that people want to have over what level of contraceptive services someone ought to be compelled to provide on behalf of someone else.  Really, this is the end result of the great Federal Convention of 1787?  Please, take it back.  Un-ratify it.  This is the end result of pledging lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the 4th of July, 1776?  Please, red coats, storm that declaration hall and rip that paper into shreds before someone can sign it and make it official.  Undo it, for heaven’s sake!”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Why don’t you roll what you have from Senator Murray saving humanity and the female gender from certain doom and destruction if bosses get to be the boss of women’s fallopian tubes?

[start audio file]

Senator Patty Murray:  Men understand that it’s not just female employees. It’s the wives and daughters who share their healthcare plan, too, that are impacted. And just like many of the people we have all heard from over this last holiday weekend, we’re tired of being targeted and are looking to Congress to right this wrong by the Supreme Court. So today we are here to do just that. And I could not be more energized seeing this great coalition of colleagues and advocates ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, because we are here to ensure that no CEO or corporation can come between people and their guaranteed access to healthcare, period.  I hope Republicans will join us to revoke this court-issued license to discriminate, and return the right of Americans to make their own decisions about their own healthcare and their own bodies.

[end audio file]

Mike:  You see, it’s the end of the human genome.  It’s the end of the human race.  If we don’t undo the damage that has been done — folks, I don’t even know — remember, I was on holiday in Scotland.  I didn’t digest the news.  I don’t even know what the ruling was.  I mean, I know the abstracts of it, because I can’t come in here and talk about it without knowing the abstracts of it, but I didn’t read the decision.  I know it had something to do with, [mocking] “Well, they can’t compel you for religious purposes to provide abortifacients” and all that stuff.  This is just beyond belief.  I’m sitting here in disbelief as I just listened to this.  You let the Supreme Court dictate what everyone else in every other facet of their lives is going to do, madam.  You don’t have any problem with that.  You’re a fan of the Supreme Court dictating that if I choose not to purchase a health plan for myself — it is my body after all, as you just informed me — well, screw me.  I’m going to have to purchase one or you’ll fine me, or you might even throw me in jail.  I thought it was my body.  What if I don’t want your healthcare?  What if I don’t want your health plan?

The degradation of our language also is a large part of this.  Again, because of a lack of devotion to tradition and a lack of devotion and reverence toward the permanent things like language, people like Murray are able now, without batting eyes, without any fear of the dreaded follow-up question, are now able to present anything and serve it up as “healthcare.”  And anyone that gets in the way of anything that’s healthcare, why, you’re a humankind hater.  You just despise life on this earth, don’t you?  You just despise humans.  You despise don’t you, Mr. Church?  Quite the opposite here.  But now everything can be covered by those two magical words which have now become one.

Just think, folks, we’ve now seen the marriage and wedding of words.  It used to be Mr. Health all by himself standing alongside Ms. Care.  We have now married them in some form of governmental union and have put them together in the style of healthcare.  Healthcare covers everything, from overeating fat bastards to not eating anorexics.  Healthcare covers everything, from those choosing to abort babies to those choosing to have them.  Healthcare covers everything, from those choosing to have their tubes tied to those choosing to have their vas deferens tubes tied.  It covers every facet of human life, while we’re screaming: I want the government out of my bedroom!  No, you don’t, you want the government in your bedroom.  You want them supervising and making sure that someone else has to pay for your sexual folly.

This is beyond believable.  Folks, this is parody, this is satire.  Twenty years ago this could have been presented as a skit in a Mel Brooks movie and people would have laughed hysterically about it.  What you just heard would have been fodder for late-night comics.  Yet today, it’s so serious.  And there seems to be no escape.  If you think the peoples of Europe, that that may be a place to escape — you may be able to escape to a place like the Scottish highlands.  Did you know that counties in Scotland are called shires?  I didn’t know that.  You might be able to escape to Ross-shire, which is where Inverness is.  I visited this.  You may be able to escape some of this by simply ignoring it and not living your life through the machinations of the state of the United Kingdom.  If you get anywhere near a city, you’re going to hear about this kind of stuff.  I am informed by people I’ve met that that’s pretty much ubiquitous across Europe.

What has happened in Europe is happening here.  We’re playing catch-up here with a bad attitude and a vengeance.  We want to catch up really quick here.  What’s happened in Europe is — I wrote about this in one of the few tweets I tweeted out while I was on holiday in the United Kingdom, in Scotland — which I hope will actually be independent come September 15th or so — about the shocking lack of reverence among European people.  You can go into a city – yes, this is tied to the contraception subject at hand here.

You can go to a major city in Scotland like Edinburgh, for example, and you can find some of the greatest architecture that remains existing from the middle ages or from pre-Renaissance Europe in Edinburgh in the form of magnificent churches.  They show what man was once capable of actually building with his own two hands in simple stonecutting and metal articulating tools.  Some of these churches magnificent doesn’t describe them.  I sat there and stared at one whose spire had to have towered 250 feet above the surface of the earth.  This was once a great Catholic church that was then, after the protestant reformation, was then converted into, I don’t know if it was an Anglican church.  I suspect it was an Anglican church.  I don’t know because I didn’t go inside.  I can tell you what it is today.  It’s a flea market.  It’s not even a church anymore.  It’s the same building but there are neon signs hanging on the outside of it telling you what hours of operation you can go inside and shop at the flea market.  It wasn’t just one church like that.  I guess they didn’t want to demolish the building because they don’t use them for worship any longer.

Just think about this.  The population of Edinburgh has and continues to increase over the course of its existence.  There are few, if any, that I saw new houses of worship or churches that had been built.  The ones that were there are now not even used for the purposes they were constructed for and are now used for things like flea markets.  Folks, this is coming to the United States, like it or not.  This, I believe, is at the root of all of these things.  We no longer acknowledge any order or any authority higher than our own selves and higher than the god that is liberty.  Unfortunately the god that is called liberty is now angry and is now operating and controlled by designing men.

As a matter of fact, there’s a great essay that has been reposted by my buddy Pete Haworth at Nomocracy In Politics.  I posted it in today’s Pile of Prep.  It’s a rundown of the great civilizations and great civilizational governments of the history of the world.  It’s written by John T. Flynn, who is one of the greatest conservative thinkers of the first half of the 20th century.  Flynn covers the republic of Athens, the brief republic of Rome, the government and very brief republic of France, the government and very brief monarchal republic of Great Britain, and then, of course, the United States.  That conclusion that Flynn makes — I should just print it out and read some of it to you, is that the instances in which republicanism has actually flourished have been very few and far between and rare.  He was writing this in 1955 and he thought that republicanism in the United States was at its nadir, meaning it was on its way out.  I am sad to report to you today that a mere 59 years later, Flynn’s prediction has not only come true, it’s come true, again, with a vengeance.  There is very little republicanism left.  You can have all the republicanism you want and you can talk about having it.

For example, what if you wanted to insulate yourself in your own little hamlet or community, wherever you live in Pennsylvania or Iowa or Florida or Louisiana and you say: We’re not going to let the Supreme Court of the United States, it doesn’t have the authority to tell us how, when and where we can provide our own medical services to ourselves, so we’re not going to obey any of these things.  We’re just going to go our own way.  We’re going to fund our own hospital.  We’re going to care for our own people.  We’re going to do it like that.  You might get away with it for a very small period or a very ephemeral amount of time, until someone decided that you were a threat.  Someone else may say: Those guys are doing it, why don’t we do it?  You know what would happen?  The same court that rained the tyranny on everyone else’s head that you tried to escape in the first place would be invoked and would be called upon to render your own republican decision moot and of no consequence or force.

Professor Gutzman talked about this yesterday.  That’s what we ought to be talking about when we’re discussing these Hobby Lobby-style cases and these absolutely ridiculous and I must say stultifying arguments that people want to have over what level of contraceptive services someone ought to be compelled to provide on behalf of someone else.  Really, this is the end result of the great Federal Convention of 1787?  Please, take it back.  Un-ratify it.  This is the end result of pledging lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the 4th of July, 1776?  Please, red coats, storm that declaration hall and rip that paper into shreds before someone can sign it and make it official.  Undo it, for heaven’s sake!

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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