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The Principle Movie – Why Earth Is Special, Galileo Was Wrong & Scientists Can’t Perform Miracles

Galileo Was Wrong and The Principle Movies 

My story of americaMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Rick Delano, the producer of the movie The Principle at, is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Rick, I’ll just give you an example from our Twitter feed just now.  A gentleman claims this to myself and to Robert, “Most arguments made by The Principle are debunked by testing geocentrism.”  He’s not paying attention.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  . . . the potential that The Principle the movie carries is evidenced by the harassment campaign that began before you even got to Chicago to release the movie, Kate Mulgrew was saying: You’re never gonna work in this town again.  All she did was narrate a couple of scenes.  Can you tell me just a little bit about that?  She wasn’t in the whole movie.  She only narrated a third to half of it, yet they went after her before the movie even came out.

Rick Delano:  It’s stressing.  We have on our website a free, streaming, 20-minute documentary called Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy to Stop The Principle.  Really, there’s two stories here.  The story of the film is fascinating.  The other story that’s just as fascinating is how hysterically the attempt is made to stop this film, to keep you from ever encountering the ideas in this film.  What you refer to here is covered in this mini-documentary, which anyone can see for free.  Simply go to our website and click on Thoughtcrime and enjoy.

What happened was, we put our trailer up.  For a couple months, we were getting a lot of attention.  Things were going great.  One day in April of 2014, suddenly The Principle became the third highest trending story in the world on the internet.  The story was “Cosmologists Duped Into Film By Crazed Geocentrists.”  This thing spread like wildfire.  What a great story.  That was far too good of a narrative to be impeded by something so inconvenient as the facts.  This became a huge story.  The idea, of course, was to destroy the film before it could be released, to poison the well in such a way that the film would disappear and we would be buried under the avalanche.  It didn’t quite work out that way.

If you want to see the deconstruction of an operation designed to discredit an unapproved opinion, go watch Thoughtcrime.  The nature of the assault on The Principle was so egregious and so hysterical that it’s now boomeranged on them.  People are watching Thoughtcrime and going: He’s right, this makes absolutely no sense at all.

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Why in the world would these people have said such ridiculous and obviously false things about their involvement in this film?  Cleary the answer to this question is, we had the cameras running when these folks said some things that they wish they wouldn’t have said, which, to be honest with you, Mike, that is the very definition of documentary filmmaking.  That is why The Principle is going to be around for a very long time to come, because there can be no better service that the documentary filmmaker provides to society as a whole than to get the establishment in a complete hysterical ruckus just by asking questions.

Mike:  I wasn’t able to get them in a hysterical ruckus, but obviously having people like you and Chris Ferrara and others on as guests on the show was also unpalatable and had to be stopped.  It had to be removed completely, otherwise the truth posed a threat.  One of the things I learned from watching Galileo Was Wrong and then watching The Principle was – I actually asked Bob Sungenis this question.  I’ll tell you what the question was.  Number one, the issue of whether or not we are geocentric or heliocentric, which would mean the Sun is in the middle or the Earth is in the middle, really doesn’t matter because it’s the distance of 92 million miles.  This is still the center, this little part right here.  As Bob told me, he goes: Mike, at the end of the day, I don’t care.  What I care about is the Church’s teaching authority.  That’s what they’ve been using as a cudgel to bludgeon the Church with for the past 400 years, that Galileo was right, Copernicus was right, and Moses and the Old Testament and the Book of – is it the Book of Judges where the Earth is held still?

Delano:  That’s Joshua 10.

Mike:  They all got it wrong.  The Church is confident if they can be wrong on the most important thing on the world, which is cosmology, then they’re wrong about morality, they’re wrong about birth control, wrong about everything else.  I liked Bob’s candor when he told me that.  That’s the statement that mortifies the other side.

Delano:  That’s the whole ballgame.  Who has the credibility to tell us the truth about creation?  Who can we trust to tell us the truth about who and what we are in this cosmos?  That is the battle.  That is why Galileo was wrong.  He is such an incredibly book and now video.  It’s why The Principle had to be marked out for destruction coming out of the gate because, as I say, cosmology is everything.  The way you view our place in this cosmos will subconsciously and intuitively form the grid through which every data is interpreted.  The smartest guys in the world have known that for 300 years.  The very first story that ever convinced the average Joe on the street that the Bible and the Church could be wrong was Galileo.  Just like you said, if they could be wrong about this, then they could be wrong about that.  You go to any demonstration against the Church, you’ve got a picture of Copernicus, a picture of Galileo, a banner that reads something along the lines of “They were wrong about this, so they’re also wrong about [fill in the blank].”  This is why Bob has suffered such incredible and unrelenting character assassination.

Mike:  He’s been calumniated.

Delano:  Yeah, by Catholics.

Mike:  There are more Evangelicals that like your movie and are going to go promote it than there will be Catholics.

Delano:  This is the bottom line, Mike.  This is the question for all the marbles.  This is it.  Catholics run away from it with horror and fear.  It’s the Stockholm syndrome.  If you are taken over by something, it is such a traumatic experience that if anybody tries to bring that issue up again, you run to your conqueror and you fight on his side.  How disgusting.  How absolutely revolting.  We will not be stopped.  We will not stop talking about this.  We insist that we have it right.  We have identified the precise issue, the precise lever of Rick Delanohistory by which Christendom, the civilization based on the Catholic idea of an incarnational reality, was both overturned and the decline of Christendom begins with this issue.  We’re not letting go of it because the science is now absolutely . . .

You’ve got to get eh DVD or stream it, Mike, because we have a special feature in there called “New Science.”  What has happened since we finished filming on the scientific side of things is absolutely astounding.  I can tell you that The Principle is in fact the film that documents the moment where the scientific, modern, post-Catholic view of reality had its appointment in the Samarra.  We have it all documented on film, on camera.  It is so important that people recognize that over the coming years, slowly, surely, these messages are going to be crafted in such a way that they can sort of get themselves down off the ledge.  It’s already happening.  The Earth is absolutely, unquestionably in a central, non-random, highly-privileged location in this cosmos.  That’s a fact.  That is a scientifically, observationally established fact.

What people don’t understand is that because that is an observationally established fact, everything we have been taught about a big bang, about an infinite universe, about all the basic assumptions of our insignificance, all of that is wrong, scientifically, not theologically.  We’ve always known it was wrong theologically.  Scientifically, that pillar is crumbling.  That is of absolutely unimaginable importance.  The sooner we all get our hands around this particular bat, pick it up, swing it a few times, and stand up at the plate and start knocking it out of the park, the faster we’re going to be in position to restore a correct Catholic view of reality, an incarnational view of the cosmos created for the incarnation of the Son of God.

Mike:  Rick Delano, the producer of the movie The Principle at, is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Rick, I’ll just give you an example from our Twitter feed just now.  A gentleman claims this to myself and to Robert, “Most arguments made by The Principle are debunked by testing geocentrism.”  He’s not paying attention because what I just said is – even if it doesn’t pass – this is one of the great deceits.  Even if the line that is drawn, using the scientific data that three sets of satellites have returned – the only reason they sent the third one up was to try to debunk he first two.

Delano:  That’s right.

Mike:  They sent two up.  They go: Wait a minute, we can’t be in the middle.  We’ll send a more powerful one up.  Every time they send a more powerful one up, the picture becomes even more clear.

Delano:  I want to address your Twitter guy.

Mike:  I just wanted to say, what I find fascinating about this — and I guess Drew must be listening, either that or he’s just following the Twitter feed.  If he is listening, you missed the argument. Whether or not it passes directly through the precise center of planet Earth, or whether or not it passes through the sun because it’s a stronger gravitational body is irrelevant.  The fact of the matter is that it passes through here, right through here.

Delano:  Again, this is why this new science feature is so important.  Drew, you’re wrong.  Listen up.  December 2, 2015, new paper published on the Cornell Preprint Archive.  You can see it on my Facebook page.  After two solid years of exhaustive examination of the results and of all the associated anomalies, it’s not just the CMB.  This is a preferred direction for galaxy spans.  This is a preferred direction for supernovas.  This is a preferred direction for quasars, a preferred direction for radio galaxies.  Dude, wake up.  The fact of the matter is, the alignment is with the dipole.  The dipole is one side of the universe is red, one side of the universe is blue.  In other words, the entire universe is divided along this dipole.

The way that’s explained away is: Yes, we’re moving through the universe, therefore there’s a red shift on one side and a blue shift on the other.  Wake up, guys.  That does not work.  The dipole has been measured now not only in the CMB but in quasars and in the radio sky.  Guys, guess what?  The dipole is along the very same axis.  [mocking] “But a dipole shows us moving in two separate directions at three completely different velocities.”  I may just be a simple country boy, but even I can figure out that it is manifestly impossible for the Earth to be moving in two opposite directions at three vastly different velocities at the same time.  Therefore, it is not the sun.  It is not the ecliptic plane that is associated with the orbit of the planets around the sun.  It is the equinox of planet Earth.  It is the equator of this planet, which is being kicked out as the special direction across the entire universe.


Drew, I suggest you stream the film.  I suggest you watch the new science feature.  I suggest you get with the program.  These observations have now been subjected to two years of the most incredibly powerful research all over the world.  Everyone has been trying to shoot this down for ten years.  They can’t; it’s there.  Reasonable people are still entitled to disagree about what this means.

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Drew, you still have the opportunity to sit there and say it’s just a coincidence.  Lots of luck with that one, buddy.  In the meantime, as a matter of science, there is no longer any observational basis to deny that there exists a preferred direction across the entire universe related to the special geometric planes associated with the equinoxes and the equator of planet Earth.  Handle it.

Mike:  It’s amazing.  Folks, just a little bit of clarification, CMB, that’s cosmic microwave background.  You’ll get a great crash course in this.  You’re all familiar with it if you’re as old and ancient as Rick and I are, because you can remember when you were a little boy or a little girl when you had the old cathode ray tube TV.  When the TV was off, you could put your hand near the screen and you could feel that little static.  That’s cosmic microwave background.  You could see little motion in the screen even when it would go off.  That’s because there’s residual energy, or whatever scientists call it, that can be measured, can be photographed.  It can be mapped.  That’s what they set the Planck satellite up to do, to go map it, to prove that we were out on one of the edges of the universe.  They kept going: Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!

Delano:  That’s exactly right, Mike.  There is a deep psychological conditioning that we all receive from birth that makes people just go crazy when they are confronted with this.  They run away.  They try and explain it away.  They say: It’s only this or that.  This is the most stupendous scientific discovery in 500 years.  Of course it’s being buried.  Of course it’s being obfuscated.  That doesn’t matter.  Here’s what matters.  The observations have stood up to three separate, massive, worldwide scientific programs to send a detector up, progressively better and better detectors three times, better detectors, better algorithms, better scientists.  This is real.  The entire universe is constructed, is composed in such a way that there is a preferred direction across this universe.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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4 Responses
  1. dmctygue

    .I’m Drew; among other things DeLano states: “Drew, you still have the opportunity to sit there and say it’s just a coincidence. Lots of luck with that one, buddy. In the meantime, as a matter of science, there is no longer any observational basis to deny that there exists a preferred direction across the entire universe related to the special geometric planes associated with the equinoxes and the equator of planet Earth. Handle it.”

    I made no attempt to deny an observed preferred direction in the CMB. Nor did i comment on the CMB anisotropy vectors. I simply voiced my skepticism of the static earth hypothesis proposed by the Neo-Tychonian model. The Principle speculates about the possibility of a motionless earth. Since you and DeLano mentioned this film, criticizing it’s content is fair.

    My apologies, it was not my intention to be anonymous. thank you for your time

  2. dmctygue

    I don’t think I’ve ever had so many words put into my mouth for me, it’s a bit unfair Mr. Dude. I prefer when those who disagree with me engage my arguments directly rather than creating strawmen for the radio. Sungennis and DeLano ardently insist that the Earth is static (i.e. it does not move or rotate). The only challenge I raised is to the static earth hypothesis advanced by these gentlemen (the Neo-Tychonian model). A preferred direction in the CMB does not prove that the mass-energy distribution of the entire universe is arranged in such a way (at every instant) which holds the Earth static as the barycenter of a rotating universe. Physicists have demonstrated that the gravitational influence imparted by extrasolar objects on the Earth is completely dwarfed by the Sun’s gravitational influence (I will gladly furnish sources upon request) (just for perspective the gravitational influence that the entire Milky Galaxy has on Earth is approx. 30 million times weaker than sun’s gravitational influence on the Earth). The Earth must therefore orbit the dominant mass as all other celestial bodies are observed to. Furthermore, a static Earth framework cannot simultaneously account for satellites which occupy geostationary orbits, low earth orbits and polar orbits. Consider the International Space Station which circumvents the globe at a period of 90 minutes. As the ISS orbits, the earth rotates beneath it (same holds true of polar orbiting sats like the google earth sat). The path that the ISS tracks across the surface of the planet cannot be accounted for if the earth is at rest.

    1. TheKingDude

      WHO on Earth put words in your anonymous mouth!? Do you have any specific complaint against a specific thing aimed at YOU and your [yet unknown] specific proper noun name!?

      1. dmctygue

        please refer to my second post on this topic regarding my response. i mistakenly entered a new comment rather than replying to this one.

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