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The Mike Church Show World HQ

“The Republic’s” LAST Stand is Trumpzilla And The Reason Our CRUSADE Must Begin

Mandeville, LA – More “voters” reject Ineligible demagogue and stain on the body “conservative” Ted Cruz and “fold like an accordiYohn Kasich” in 5 states yet the GOP Mafiosa wannabes will not call off the hit on Trumpzilla. See Kelly Vlahos’s magnificent essay (Monday pile of Prep) on why the WarFare Party cannot kick it’s own death-crack in exchange for Trump’s maim ’em crack. If there is a Scotty, please, beam me directly to Papa Sonstray Island Scotland. Again, the counseled steps are:

1. Get your family in order and right with Christ (yes, Convert if needed)
2. Extend that to your neighbors.
3. Extend neighbors to your town/county.
4. Establish your territory as Christian/Catholic under the Magisterial Law (secular law must conform).
5. Secede.
6. Rinse, repeat, communicate, advocate, apostolate and repeat.
7. Rest, attend Mass, eat heartily and buy rare Scotch that you will share with me ; o ).
8. Get your family in order and right with Christ (yes, Convert if needed)…

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