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The TSA is a AUTHORITARIAN Organization and MUST be Stopped!

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Ladies and Gentlemen, if you prefer LIBERTY over TYRANNY you must from this moment on don the uniform of the WINTER SOLDIER. it is obvious by the federal government’s actions that they evince the imposition of a direct tyranny over the remaining free people in America. We must REFUSE and RESIST every single dignity-robbing tyrannical move they make in their design to coerce us into a blind obedience. The country we now live in, this very instant is no longer the land gifted to us by the Founding Generation.

Do not let the TSA, DHS, or any other corrosive branch of the federal government rob you of your dignity.


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: You’re hearing the proponents of never-ending war, like McCain and Graham and these 37 frauds that claim to be conservatives that signed this letter that I read to you that they sent to House Republican leaders, said don’t you dare withdraw funding for our important mission, our American values-based mission in Libya. You’d better not do it. Here, Conservatives Warn House Republicans. These people are not conservatives. And if they are, well, then, you can count me out. That means that I’m not a conservative because they’re not trying to conserve anything.

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Own your AUTOGRAPHED copy of THE book on the American Union’s realignment

But anyways, here, think about this. Here’s the point. You’re hearing these people saying, why, the public opinion polls are turning against the war now. Vast swaths of the American electorate are turning against the war. The public is diametrically opposed to the bombing of Libya. The public is diametrically opposed to bombing Yemen back into the Stone Ages, from conducting any more affairs or operations in Somalia or any place else, for that matter. Syria, you name it. And the public now is by a majority diametrically opposed to the continued occupation of Afghanistan.

Now, what does that mean? Well, if you listen to Lindsey Graham, and you listen to John McCain, and you listen to the rest of the DeceptiCons, that doesn’t mean anything. That means that the republic is a bunch of misinformed louts. Why, these are people that don’t know what the hell we know whats good for you. Hah, screw em, screw em. You don’t know whats good for you. I know whats good for you. Screw em. Screw you. Were going to stay over there forever. If we say were gonna were smarter than you. Were politicians. Were senators. Were congressmen. Oh, yeah? Think about this. And I have Lindsey Grahamnesty on this very subject. Here, play the digital media file here.


america-secede-or-die-t-shirtLindsey Graham: What the President does tonight, if he takes the political track of trying to basically play to the polls, then I think he will put our nation at risk at a time when were beginning to show success.

Mike: Were beginning to show success. Success as measured by whom? If he starts paying attention to the polls, if he starts doing this for political reasons, well, ladies and gentlemen, there is a reason why the power to declare war and the power of the purse which has to fund the war is vested in the House of Representin, because the House of Representin was at the time the peoples house. This is where you sent your representative to go decide the great questions of the day, as it applied to the then-nascent union. Declaring war would have been one of those great questions. And if you chose wrongly, or if you chose war when the people wanted peace, well, then, you’d get unelected. And they’d send new people there that would upend what you had done and would bring an end to these wars. That’s why we weren’t engaged in any of these excursions. We weren’t engaged in any of these things until Teddy Roosevelt forced us into them in the Spanish-American War. That’s a different show for a different day.

But folks, the point is, is that the reason why the framers of the Constitution left this power in the hands of the representatives is because they wanted to leave it in the hands of the American sheeple. They wanted to provide a mechanism that would prevent presidents, tyrants, and rogue nut job senators like McCain and Graham from ramming war down our throats. They wanted to provide an out. They wanted to provide a check against it. So these people that are saying, why, you cant read the polls on this, why, you cant pay attention to the people, you’re missing the entire point, and you’re missing the entire point of why the Constitution and why our federal system was set up the way it was.

Remember, the Constitution was sold on the basis that it would discharge a very few, very limited set of things, very limited set of powers was it to discharge. And security, providing for the common defense, as the Preamble calls it, was one of them. But still, as Joe Pesci says in that famous clip that we have from With Honors, the people don’t trust the President, so they vest this power in the House. Why? Specifically so the House of Representin does have to take a poll. They do have to respond to their constituents. Have you ever wondered why there is a difference between the electoral terms? AG, have you ever wondered why there’s a difference between the term of a United States Senator and the term of a member of the House of Representin? Has that ever posed a question to you?

AG: Yeah, yeah.

Mike: Yeah. You know what the explanation is; right?

AG: I do not.

article-v-pamphlet-adMike: No, okay. Well, this is talked about in the Federal Convention. The explanation is, is that the members of Congress need to be returned back from whence they came to go answer for what they have done, for what the federal government has done. So that if they got off track, they could be unelected. They could be kicked out of office, and someone new could be sent there to go correct the problem. The reason the Senate was chosen the way it was is because they were supposed to be the steady hand, the august body. And remember, ladies and gentlemen, under this system, the senators must be chosen by the state legislatures, remember that? Seventeenth Amendment changed all that, unfortunately. And now the senators are just long-term members of the House of Representin. That’s all they are.

But the Senate was set up to be the august body that would provide clarity. It would be of the the Senate was supposed to be comprised and composed of the wisest men of the era, those that had studied, those that were statesmen, those that were not kneejerk, and they didn’t have to be knee-jerk. And the reason that they wanted the Senate to be like this is because they wanted the Senate to be a further check. They wanted United States senators in most instances to say no. To say no. This is why, if you study the debates on the Fourteenth Amendment, which is the greatest debate that was held on an amendment, you’ll find out that almost all of the important stuff that was ever said about the Fourteenth Amendment was said in the Senate.

And so my point is, and its a long way to get around to it, but I love talking about history, the point is, is that when the people are saying no more war, you people in the House of Representin better pay attention because we will elect people that are going to go there and are going to end this war. Whether you do it right now or whether we have to elect someone in 2012 to end this madness, we will do it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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