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The Whine “Kill The RINO’s” Proves “Conservatives” Don’t Know Their History

republican_Matrix_tshirtMandeville, LA – Have you grown as weary as I of the never-ending whine from “conservatives” that “we need to run all these RINO’s out of office” because, the story goes, if we can just get the REAL Republicans in charge, unicorns will fly with pigs, streets will be paved with gold and Al Sharpton will become a monk? Please note the following and plaster it wherever fake conservatives (DeceptiCONS) can be found, whining about “Amnesty”.
I can stand no more of this “RINO” propaganda., someone has to break the bad news, some call it Truth.
1. For 2 years 1858-1860 the Republicans were [r]epublicans

2. They then became the Radical Republicans, gone were flourishes of “houses divided”, by 1865 those were replaced with the likes of Senator Henry Smith Lane of Indiana, who opined on the Senate Floor. “I would make the war still bloodier, I would make every rocky ravine in Southern GA and AL run red with the blood of traitors, and I would drive into the Gulf Stream the last rebel there before I would recognize their Independence.”1 The madmen behind the GOP prosecuted a “war for union” (an oxymoron) to the death of over 800,000.

3. The GOP gave us the 14th amendment. We could stop this exercise right here since the 14th Amendment is responsible for everything from the “penumbras” that sanction abortion and same sex marriage to “anchor babies” and the fatal “incorporation Doctrine.

4. The GOP confiscated the territories of the west & turned them into bureaucrat playgrounds in 1895.

5. The GOP gave us “American Exceptionalism” with their obsessive, atrocious Spanish American War and the “Subjugation of the Philippines”

6. The GOP gave us Amendments 16 & 17

7. The GOP gave us the Warren Court

8. The GOP gave us Nixon, the EPA and the separation from the Gold Standard in 1971

That is the SHORT list. So, “conservatives” from this list, WHICH one do you wish for Boehner et al to revert to?

1.  Jan. 16, 1865,  the Lane Resolution

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