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There’s NO Hope For Restoring Our “Idiocracy” Civilization Without Philosophy

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Mandeville, LA – “We The People” is the rallying cry of a dying civilization that long ago lost the intellect to even approach a definition of “We” or “People” as if Pythagorus himself is needed to decode a 2 letter word. 400 years into the experiment to suppress intellect informed by philosophy and replace it with the corrupt ideologies of “isms” which mis-inform “opinions”. Twain had it right(1) when he concluded that modern man knows precisely when his opinion is correct and that is the moment it differs from the opinion of his adversary. And that is the grave error of our time, an error correctly by the humiliation of studying Thomistic philosophy.

Post study of this the newly liberated philosophical intellect will do and say the rest.e.g.  You may voice your opinion that bread tastes better than broccoli but this opinion may not be based upon the reality that broccoli is made from molten Lead. In the same manner my opinion on “the size and scope of government” cannot be based on the reality that government can be measured by its weight in grams. The preceding stultifying examples of Man’s ceaseless decent into “Idiocracy” illustrate the enormous problem our semi-ancient and modern Enlightenment druids have succeeded in programming into the entire educational structure: it is based on nothing more than opinion at its worst and hypotheticals at its best. “Warning Will Robinson, danger approaching!”

Brother Francis of the St Augustine Institute explained this in the following audio clip from April, 1986, in Lecture #8 of his Philosophia Perennis course. This followed Brother Francis’s exhortation to accept and shout the Truth that the errors of Modernity can all be traced back to one common ancestor, Emmanuel Kant and one common error: that there is no intellect in Man and he cannot use the faculty (power) of intellect outside his ability to create his own reality through what knowledge his organic senses provide. But Man DOES use his intellect every moment of his life and it exists on a plane above the organic senses.

Br_Francis_IIConsider that this time of year it is popular to go and pick fresh strawberries from a local strawberry farm. When you arrive in the parking lot and your stomach begins to growl as your mouth waters are your senses of smell and touch and taste directly informing these reactions as you sit in the air-conditioned car with a mango-scented air freshener hanging from the mirror? While running the risk of hurting the feelings of the Mango Pickers Union, Local 401, it is the knowable nature of the strawberry, previously informed by sensual knowledge (phantasms) that is driving your desire to win a strawberry face stuffing contest not the sense experience of the ersatz mango. When I say “strawberry” or “mango” the reader can share in the essence of those fruits. Essence is that which Man uses his intellect for and exists separate and apart from the material world of matter.

This is the supra-organic power of the faculty of knowing or intellect and that intellect pre-supposes and an intelligence behind the order of these events.  When we can grasp this simple Truth and then base our thinking on it, we have then laid waste to the heresy of Locke, Newton, Hume, Kant, Rousseau Slick Hilly Clinton.

Brother Francis was adamant in his defense of the Philosophic as the ONLY route to restoring Christendom. “And that’s why Father Leonard Feeney was so insistent that at the basis of all our Crusade we should be acquiring this kind of knowledge [philosophia perennis]. And we cannot revive the Crusade to it’s ultimate… original foundations… original ideas, unless we see the value in what we are doing tonight. That’s a very hard thing to get most people to see this value… they get excited about it for the first couple of weeks then they say “oh well, it’s over my head or you know this philosophy [stuff] my mind’s not made for [it] and then they walk out on it and they think they are going to save the Crusade through other means, there ARE NO OTHER MEANS! If we cannot take the discipline of our minds to uphold the very foundation of our whole Catholic civilization, there’s no other way of defending it or saving it.”

Father Michael Sweeney arrives at the same conclusion in promoting philosophia perennis.

“This suggests a strategy for dealing with contemporary challenges: nothing unravels ideology or sophism more quickly than to take it seriously; nothing is more disarming of polemic than the invitation to understand the matter at hand.”

1. Mark Twain – “…we all know that in all matters of mere opinion that [every] man is insane–just as insane as we are…we know exactly where to put our finger upon his insanity: it is where his opinion differs from ours….All Democrats are insane, but not one of them knows it. None but the Republicans. All the Republicans are insane, but only the Democrats can perceive it. The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.
– Christian Science”

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