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Mandeville,LA– This day in Founding Fathers History for July 3rd.

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This Day In Founding Fathers History – 3 July  On this day in 1778, the Battle of Wyoming and what is referred to as the Wyoming Massacre took place in the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania. Loyalist and Iroquois forces led by Major Butler proceeded north to force the surrender of forts along the Wyoming Valley. Colonel Zebulon Butler (no relation to Major Butler) and Colonel Nathan Denison led forces from Forty Fort to defend the advancing Tories. Much confusion ensued and the Iroquois relentlessly pursued the patriots. It was reported that this was an “exceptionally savage” attack, with children thrown into bonfires, women systematically scalped, and men slowly tortured to death. It was reported that 227 scalps were collected by the Indians and 301 people killed. Indians continued to raid the fort for several days and many of the inhabitants who had fled into the wilderness for safety suffered dehydration and starvation. 1


In 1839 on this day, three women in Lexington, Massachusetts were admitted to an experimental program of education that would later become Framingham State University. This was the first state-funded school established to educate public teachers, known as a “normal school.” The name comes from the school’s goal of training teachers standards and norms to follow. These teachers mainly taught at the elementary level. 2

3 Normal School

On this day in 1890, the Idaho Territory became the State of Idaho, the 43rd state to join the Union. The territorial delegate to Congress, Fred Dubois, requested of President Harrison that he sign the statehood bill on July 4 but Harrison did so a day earlier so Idaho wouldn’t have to wait a full year for its star on the U.S. flag. 3

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