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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I find this disturbing, that members of the United States Senate seem to be in collusion with a foreign state to the degree that they are with the State of Israel.  Where did this idea come from that we, in the United States, must bow down before the altar of any foreign land when we are choosing whether or not to appoint a secretary of defense, state, energy, education?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Scott McConnell, American Conservative Magazine:


As Dave Weigel reported, here is the damning Hagel utterance: [Mike: This was allegedly said at Rutgers University in 2010.]

“As long as in this territory west of the Jordan river there is only one political entity called Israel it is going to be either non-Jewish, or non-democratic.  If this bloc of millions of Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state.”

[end reading]

Mike:  It is attributed to Hagel.  Jennifer Rubin reported it, Jonathan Tobin reported it, but as McConnell writes:


Own your AUTOGRAPHED copy of THE book on the American Union's realignment
Own your AUTOGRAPHED copy of THE book on the American Union’s realignment

Except, aha!—these viciously anti-Israel words don’t come from Hagel, they come from  former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who voiced them in his capacity as Israel’s  defense minister in 2010. Hagel’s alleged comment came a few months later. Of course, in the real world the Barak-Hagel analysis is altogether reasonable.

Nor is Barak the only Israeli prime minister to reach such a conclusion. In 2008, Israel’s prime minister Ehud Olmert told Haaretz that “If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African style struggle for equal voting rights, then as soon as that happens, the state of Israel is finished.”

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signHere then is the problem for the Hagel haters. It is not simply that Hagel is being accused of saying things like “the State Department sometimes acts like an adjunct of the Israeli foreign ministry”—which State Department officials actually do complain about, albeit off the record. He is being accused of saying things which Israeli prime ministers say on the record. And much as Commentary, Jennifer Rubin, the Weekly Standard, and the Washington Free Beacon try to bend these remarks into supposedly damning evidence of a viciously anti-Israel mindset, they can’t make their argument without quoting the alleged quotes. And almost any journalist must at least note that the “damning” quotes are extremely similar to what Israeli leaders say in public themselves. So by damning Hagel, they call attention to the Israeli occupation, which is in fact turning Israel into an apartheid state.

The Hagel fight has already turned into an own-goal situation for the Israel lobby. [Mike: This is what I find disturbing about this entire episode, Andrew. McConnell frames the argument very well, I think. I’m going to let Scott McConnell have the floor and read this piece.] The idea that Israel controls the U.S. government—the kind of thing which 20 years ago would be said by no one who wanted to hold a mainstream job—has now become a fairly widely circulated popular culture meme, openly joked about in a justly famous (if unaired) “Saturday Night Live” skit and riffed on by Bill Maher. Look at the Maher segment and note where the audience applause comes in.

Now the Hagel foes, having succeeded in illustrating before a mass public the concept of the Israel lobby are starting to focus Capitol Hill media on Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Could one ask for anything more?

[end reading]

Mike:  I find this disturbing, that members of the United States Senate seem to be in collusion with a foreign state to the degree that they are with the State of Israel.  Where did this idea come from that we, in the United States, must bow down before the altar of any foreign land when we are choosing whether or not to appoint a secretary of defense, state, energy, education?

Do you remember when the Tea Party was first formed and one of the grand acts of betrayal that President Obama had committed was that he bowed before a Saudi?  He bowed before the Saudi king or some king.  That picture is still out there, probably repeated 60 million times, [mocking] “No American president bows down before a foreign head of state.”  Oh, but we’re all supposed to bow down before the state of Israel?  How did this happen?  How is this possible?

In days gone by, we might have people taking the opposite approach to Senator Hagel’s nomination.  They may be saying: Sir, there is a disturbing record of you being vehemently pro-Israel.  What if I changed the name Israel to pro-Qatar?  Why are you so pro-Qatar?  Why do you keep talking about the need to ensure the survivability of Qatar?  Why do you keep talking about funding Qatar with foreign aid?  Why do you keep talking about emissaries to Qatar?  Why do you keep talking about pledging that our military will somehow be called into service to defend Qatar?  This is disturbing.

So we’re all worried, all you alleged conservatives out there, about the United Nations and Agenda 21 and an international coup being rained upon your head and you have nothing to say about your own United States senators en masse in one particular party bowing down in front of the State of Israel as if they are part of the United States and have some sort of power and control over our government and the distribution of our resources.  You can count me out.  You can count me out.  That’s the tragedy of all this.  It’s tragic, absolutely tragic.

All you little Agenda 21ers out there, why aren’t you worried about Israel?  Why do they get a free pass?  It’s collusion, isn’t it?  Aren’t we being influenced by, aren’t our own politicians being goaded, bribed by a foreign state to do its dirty work?  Of course, if you bring this up, [mocking] “You’re an anti-Semite.”  Yeah, sure I am.  That’s the charge they level.  That’s the charge they leveled and are still leveling at Patrick J. Buchanan when he brought up and brings up exactly what I just said.  It’s sad, folks, that the great magisterial United States Senate, the most august body in the world, is now performing at least part of its function on behest and on behalf of a foreign country.  Really?  Seriously?  Say what you will, that’s the fact, Jack.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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7 Responses
  1. john thames

    Mr. Church brings up a valid point when he points out that Jews can say things deemed anti-Semitic when said by their opponents. People do not like to be told what they can, and cannot, say as the price of their jobs. Marge Schott was driven out of major league baseball as owner of the Cincinatti Reds by making the perfectly true statement that Adolf Hitler did some good in Germany before the war. Mel Gibson has basically been shut out of the movie business for making a film of Jesus’ life that offended the Hollywood moguls.

    When Jews do these things, they lay the groundwork for a reaction. I do not think that any Jew should be deprived of his civil rights. Neither do I think that Jews should be allowed to financially destroy and ostracize those who raise legitimate criticisms of a foreign country to whom, regrettably, a great many Jews seem more devoted than the land in which they live.

  2. Doug

    Funny, when an Israeli speaks this way they are misguided idiots,when I (we) speak this way one is labeled an anti-Semite and hateful. Either way debate closed. So it begs to ask why then patronize me for my response when your answer is predetermined?
    I applaud your response Clark.

  3. Clark Stephenson

    This is why the debate always runs into the mud, because you can’t say anything without being labeled an anti-semitic hatemonger who wants to see Israel pushed into the sea, by people like Stan. Ironically, this entire issue can actually be resolved from an old episode of Glenn Beck when he was still on Fox. One night he had the mayor of Jerusalem on, and he flat-out asked him “What do you want from us? Is it money, troops, etc.?” And without batting an eye, the good mayor said “No, the last thing we want are troops” followed by “All we want from the United States is moral support”. And, moreover, when Netanyahu said that he agreed with Ron Paul’s stance on Israel that they should be allowed to defend themselves as they see fit, without any foreign intervention preventing them from doing so, exactly what are we arguing about anyway? We should be allies with Israel to the extent that we trade with them, exchange mutually beneficial intelligence, and also offer them our moral support in their struggle to survive. Anything beyond that in terms of direct political alliances with the US Senate, foreign aid packages, or (God forbid) any talk of actual troop deployments, is far beyond what the Israelis want or need anyway. There seems to be a growing divide between the AIPAC folks here, and actual Israeli citizens who really just want to be left alone to live in peace.

  4. stan berke

    Does it bother you when you pray to Jesus knowing you are praying to a jew? Yes, I do believe you
    are truly are an anti semite, just like anti Isreal Pat B. HATEFUL!!

    1. TheKingDude

      It does not bother me, Sir. Does it bother you to know you are not Jesus and cannot see inside mens hearts yet feign that you do? There’s a word and punishment for that but you will have to wait until St Peter agrees to see you to see them. Pax Domini

    2. Mr. Berke,

      I’m confused by your chain-of-thought. It seems to me that by treating Israel just like any other country, you would be exhibiting the opposite of racial or religious discrimination. If one truly believes that we should follow our Constitution; if one truly believes that we should treat all people with respect and dignity; if one truly believes that promoting peace around the world doesn’t mean you don’t defend yourself; if one truly believes in the value of human life; if one truly believes in life-after-death and the teachings of the “jew” Jesus, would it not follow that respecting the nation of Israel enough to stop treating them like a child and begin allowing them to actually ACT like they’re a country instead of State #51 would be the opposite of hatred?
      Just curious….

      1. john thames

        I believe it was Chaim Weizmann who said that whenever the number of Jews in any country exceeds the saturation point, that country reacts against them. He said it was a universal law of istory and could not be confused with antisemitism in the ordinary and vulgar sense. Are we approaching the same situation in the U.S.?

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