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The Mike Church Show World HQ
Fame of Our Fathers CD set
Mike’s Fame of Our Fathers tells the Compleat story of Daniel Shays & his “rebellion” get it on download or 3 CD set

Mandeville, LA“Fordism, or the philosophy of industrialism, demands that we should sacrifice the animal man (and … large portions of the thinking, spiritual man) … to the Machine. There is no place in the factory, or in that larger factory which is the modern industrialized world, for animals on the one hand, or for artists, mystics, or even, finally, individuals on the other. Of all the ascetic religions Fordism is that which demands the cruelest mutilations of the human psyche … and offers the smallest spiritual returns. Rigorously practiced for a few generations, this dreadful religion will end by destroying the human race.” – Aldus Huxley, Jesting Pilate, 1926

Nothing to see here citizen, move along! The creeps at NSA, devoid of any concept of what Montesqeuie called “the spirit of the laws” now fess up to monitoring 75% of all American web traffic under the guise of code names Blarney, Fairview, Lithium, Oakstar and Stormbrew. These programs SHOULD be named Dewey, Spyonem and Howe and this is what they ADMIT to

American History To GO From Writer-Narrator Mike Church

About Project ’76. – Popular radio talk show host & acclaimed writer/producer/director Mike Church (Road to Independence-The Movie) announced the launch of his latest initiative in American history based entertainment: Project ‘76™.

IS it time to bring back the Clan (yes that IS spelled correctly). The world used to organize itself around Clanships instead of Kings and States. The system worked, to a point and is still working today and here’s a twist: With “minorities” becoming privileged recipients of state funded favors, where will un-included majorities – whites – turn for representation and defense!?

A writer after my heart: Gracie Howard at AmConMag strikes the chords on the [r]epublican harpsichord on a regular basis now, today wistfully wondering when that magical month of sloth, August will return to overworked, anxious and spendthrift Americans?

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Southern Subjugation & Total Despotism Is At Hand: Just as I have been predicting and chronicling, the Lefties & their Millenial henchmen have been moving steadily to make being “Southern” an epithet worthy of exile. this is how the pro-gay marriage, pro abortion and pro union crowd views itself, exterminating ANY opposition to their agenda as if they are ridding the world of slave states

Order your, "America Secede or Die" embroidered baseball cap today!
Order your, “America Secede or Die” embroidered baseball cap today!

Carney: Hey “conservatives” Obama was right “you DIDN’T build that”! Of course Libs are even worse believing that every public occurrence of ingrown hair needs Big Brothers helping hand. Maybe we should give this whole [r]epublican “community thing” a go?!

The Yemeni Spy Who Billed MeWHY are Americans subsidizing the purchase of spy planes for the Air Force of Yemen!?

So how is that whole “no-one will lose their insurance” [because of the ACA] working out as UPS vows to dump 15,000 spouses from their employees health insurance plans. This also helps prove a point I have argued for years. Employers do not offer “benefits” they offer trinkets government has given them special privilege to purchase in lieu of greater sums of cash remuneration

VIDEO: Just another reason to love Duck Dynasty-Phil Robertson carries a Bible with him and preaches the pro-life message without apology AND they are Louisianans!

Should President Obama wonder out loud about the racism that MUST be present in the black on white murder of an innocent Australian kid in OK? Former Rep. Allen West thinks so

Is THIS America’s “Libertarian moment” or has [r]epublicanism always been rooted in [l]ibertarian ideas? I think the latter is the case, this explains why modern [r]epublicans seem to make such goofy politicians- their time passed

Oops I did it again… Now the NSA fesses up that 55,000 emails were collected by our favorite “agents” from American citizens who had NO connection to terrorism whatsoever

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  1. BrianBridges

    Clans… a word for what I have been thinking is the answer to our misguided government. I believe the primary source from which government derives the most authority should be within arms reach of the citizenry, so a hand can wrap around the neck of those making up that government when they begin wandering outside the parameters of enumerated authority.

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