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Thursday Pile of Prep-Sterling Execution, The Fallout

There are still copies from the FIRST EDITION PRINTING, clearly marked on all packaging, this marks this issue as a collectors item for the future. Reserve your copy today before supplies run-out.

Mandeville, LAMike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of my take on the NBA and it’s chilling public execution of one of its Owners, Donald Sperling for what were private conversations. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “When conservatives invoke history, the larger culture insists it means “prejudice.” Economic arguments read to our governing elites (and not just to elites) as simple capitalist greed, even as some of those same elites gorge themselves on taxpayer-funded “bailouts” and other government largesse. In this connection, the libertarian turn among some Republicans is only a partially hopeful sign. A stable polity requires duties as well as rights, bonds of culture and community as well as liberty. The libertarian perspective, although valuable for its insights about the advantages of smaller government, will not likely prevail against those who see advantages in bigger government unless the wider culture is changed.” – Gerald Russello, Nomocracy in Politics

Snowden returns to the United States via video webcast saying the USA’s NSA spies more on Americans than it spies on Russians

AmconMag’s Rod Dreher gets the Mark Levin Show treatment, Tom Woods, Kevin gutzman & I received so gloriously on 3 occasions, here, here and here. Welcome aboard Rod, straying from the DecetiCON clique pays dividends you cannot possibly imagine, yet. Call the radio show if you want to discuss our mutual badges of honor.

Masha Gessen was right and so was I. Now PBS’s Charles Pierce suggests the NBA should oust the Devos family that owns the Orlando Magic because they, like Brendan Eich, support campaigns for pro-traditional marriage advertising

VIDEO: Per my conversation about Beyonce’s lewd and pornographic music comes this lecture on Music and Its Influence On Culture – Few will listen and share because the indictment is near universal in these United States, that doesn’t make the lecturer wrong it makes the unrepenent viewer guilty

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson violates mayor Kevin Johnson’s “zero tolerance” edict by caling Clarence Thomas an “uncle Tom” and then refusing to edit the remark. This is the type of “institutional racism” mayor Johnson said has no place “in our country”. I hope the media picks the story up and causes Speaker Boehner to fine Thompson $2.5 billion ( a smidgeon of the voter cash a congressman squanders per day) and bans him from Congress for life.

Chronicles Magazine’s Fleming: It isn’t even safe to read the sports page anymore without suffering through the writers injecting discrimination, racism and sexism into every other story including the latest whopper of all, the Donald Sterling story

Heroes are often never around to enjoy salutations for their Manly Virtue, John Servati is in that number. After Monday’s tornado outbreak, Servati held up a concrete wall that had collapsed on him and his girlfriend, long enough for her to escape, before succumbing to its weight. “Virtus basis vitae”

A good old fashioned hostile takeover? 2 days after telling CBS news that Donald Sterling’s “plantation” owning days were over and “something needs to happen…like NOW!” Oprah Winfrey is in cahoots with a group trying to buy the… wait for it… L.A. Clippers. Coincidence?

William Murchison wonders just how the NBA claims enough moral virtue to ban Donald Sterling for life?

Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban isn’t TOTALLY down with the Sperling-NBA Bigot– Inquisition but appears to be under compulsion to feign support or risk being next. He even warns of the next shoe dropping “How many people are bigoted in one way or the other in this league? I don’t know. But you find one, all of a sudden you say well, you can’t play favorites being racist against African-Americans. Where do you draw the line?”

Everybody pile on! L.A. City Council, the same one that 2 years ago announced plans to defraud their “diverse” community of $1 Billion in 40 year bonds for public school “improvements (iPads)” now wants Clipper owner Sperling ousted and censored by all for-profit media in L.A., at least Sperling used his OWN money to commit his “racism”

Imbeciles: The SCOTUS ruling “against coal” isn not a “blow to coal” it is a blow to those who rely on the affordable, abundant electrical energy it helps produce. The nitwit elites at the NY Times see only solar panels and amoeba farts in WV’s future. The EPA does not own the air if even that air could be defined and controlled. Time to RETHINK THE AMERICAN UNION

Flashback: Sara Palin isn’t the only one in hot water with the One True God, Jay-Z might want to consider if those first 2 commandments were written for just white people while wearing the “bling” of  pagan “5 per centers”

“The conservative ‘movement’ has failed”, so sayeth Gerald Russello at Nomocracy in Politics. Mr Russello is making the the argument that Russell Kirk made and that I have been echoing: the project to halt then convert progressives into conservatives has failed. The effort to make all facets of life, market “based” and thus subject to the state’s omnipotence has failed. When will “conservatives” realize the field is lost, the solutions are aged and well known and get about the business of implementing them?

The online home of one of my intellectual heroes, Donald Livingston – the Abbeville Institute – has republished my essay on Cliven Bundy’s very justified feud with a Federal Government that never possessed the power to own and exercise absolute dominion over lands, acquired by whatever means. This essay proves the legal case Bundy & others (Hagee) have argued is valid and in need of enforcement. thanks to Abbeville for the post.

Speaking of Abbeville, only at Abbeville will you find continuing, historically accurate education on the merits of the Southern Tradition, culture and [r]epublican form of government. Like this poem saluting “Swamp Fox” Francis Marion

“We follow where the Swamp Fox guides,
His friends and merry men are we;
And when the troop of Tarleton rides,
We burrow in the cypress tree.
The turfy hammock is our bed,
Our home is in the red-deer’s den,
Our roof, the tree-top overhead,
For we are wild and hunted men.” – William Gilmore Simms, a Abbeville

The same state that led the way in nullifying the Fugitive Slave Act is now told it is racist for asking its citizens to prove who they are before voting. Oh, and here’s a shockuh-A FEDERAL Judge is in cahoots WITH a State Judge

Kevin Gutzman explains how the Electoral College was supposed to work why it didn’t work, how it was amended to work and now how New York’s Cuomo wishes to screw even that mildly defective system up. What could possible go wrong?

TIC’s Frohnnen: I am not the only one who sees the national religious cult building around the temple erected to Abraham Lincoln and the religious dogma of Lincoln’s “teachings”

DeceptiCONNED I – The power of world domination over tyranny at the hands of the U.S. military runs stronger than ever. The true believers remain convinced the USA can control and direct all acrimonious world events to their “proper” outcomes, revealing a belief in a power that only God possesses. Does the DeceptiCON believe God could even accomplish what they propose we can?

Think I was over the line and out of touch with my condemnation of NRA conventioneers cheering Sara Palin’s sacrilege on Baptism & water boarding, Please consider Will Griggs’ “Nuremberg Barbie’s Blasphemous Punchline.”

Meanwhile, Palin doubles her bets and reiterates that she would absolutely say the exact same thing again, using the same moral relativism I heard her defenders use on-air today.

My complete analysis of Congress’s “land ownership” powers via the Constitution has been shared an d forwarded thousands of times this past weekend, read what all the excitement is about and learn just how illegitimate and corrupt the ownership of Western Lands has become

The Cliven Bundy story, for me, was never about Mr. Bundy,  it was about how the western lands were commandeered by the Feds, under what constitutional authority (none) and what could be done about it so the people of those state’s could have sovereign control over what amounts to Their State’s property (thus Theirs). For many bandwagon jumpers though, the fact that Mr. Bundy defied a federal agency was enough to load up the Conestoga and hitch it to a Bundy Clydesdale. Then there were other professional soothsayers practicing the grave art of prophecy, warning about “anti-government groups” friendly to the cause. In both instances, the legalities of the case and what it means to a 311 million-person blob of a nation that will not right a sinking, corrupt ship by doing even the simple things like citing borders, sovereignties and abiding them (“the essence of private property” is not at issue here because since 1892, with malicious intentions, the Feds never intended to deliver on their previous promise of selling these lands to the ranchers/farmers who settled them). I have spent the last 17 days researching the legal case and will present an abbreviated finding today. Meanwhile, the usual suspects in media followed Harry Reid’s misdirection efforts up with the greatest whopper of all: Cliven Bundy, unrepentant racist.  Please watch the entire video of Mr. Bundy’s remarks and note the last 1:31 seconds is what CNN and the NY Times ran with as the entire interview.

CNN “anchor” Chris Cuomo tells Cliven Bundy if he can’t talk about ethnic minorities the way CNN, MSNBC etc demand that he talk “then don’t [talk]”. That’s not a first but it is bold, if you can’t do what the Media has commanded you to do, you’re not welcome in public or on shows like Cuomo’s awful excuse for a news program “New Day”

Topeka Kansas students rally to protest Michelle Obama’s graduation speech on the anniversary of Brown vs Board Education, White House decides to scrap speech so all students will feel welcome. What does the made up title of FLOTUS have to do with a HS graduation other than serving as another reminder of the evolving monarchy of the Presidency?

The Nation’s current cover story begs for a “new nationalism” like the kind practiced by government gods Lincoln, Wilson, Hamilton and Roosevelt. Our new nationalism will revel in the carnage of 840,000 DEAD Americans via Lincoln’s war because the force fed union was a glorious display of “nationalism”, a bogus claim if there ever was one because half the “nation” didn’t want to be part of the “nation.”

Ross Douthat makes a very compelling point of Pope Francis’ much ballyhooed “phone call” to an Argentine woman who wanted to take communion while being married to a divorced man who has not sought an annulment. The Church teaches (I know, I am pursuing this myself right now) that marriage is only sacramental when BOTH spouses are in a sanctified State of Grace. You cannot be in this state unless you have received annulment, confessed your sins afterward and remained free of mortal sin prior to the blessed wedding. The problem with the Church today is few priests enforce even the condition that confession must occur before communion, which is why the lame-non-confession is added to the Novus Ordo Mass. Events like this are not going to unite the Church and might lead to a schism (Douthat’s point)

Cliven Bundy isn’t the first victim of the Leviathan’s land-grab tyranny, he is however the first to fight back. “The BLM staged its first cattle rustling raid against the Danns in April 1992. At about 4:30 in the morning, the ranch lands were invaded by a column of vehicles that decanted a platoon of BLM Brownshirts.”

AmConMag’s Gracy Olmstead, fawns over Matt K. Lewis’ rebuttal to [r]epublican’s urban apprehension. I do not subscribe to the absolute denigration of city life vs urban life but there is something that cannot be refuted in the dichotomy. The urban dweller cannot appreciate the lifestyle that produces most of what he consumes, a lifestyle that is pro-life and pro-creation at its genesis and without which the fruits of farming and husbandry, among others, cannot be enjoyed. The theory that “more people = more ideas = more human happiness” defies where lasting happiness comes from: pursuing that elusive State of Grace our Creator and Lord wish for us to ENJOY.

Hey Atlantic Online! It does not matter if “Voter ID  laws” can demonstrate actual cases of fraud being perpetrated at the ballot and that is not sufficient reason to invalidate those laws when it is the prerogative of the states to enact them. This is rather like saying the drivers license laws do not prevent accidents so we shouldn’t have drivers licenses.

Remember when I told you that the with hunting of Brendan Eich and others by the Homofascists was just the beginning and some of you said “Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike what could they possibly do next?” Try implementing CA AB 1266 which mandates that all CA school buildings, programs and activities be devoid of “gender bias” meaning if a boy wakes up with raging hormones on Wednesday and decides to do something about it after gym class he becomes a girl for the day and gives new, Callie-forn-yuh meaning to “Hump Day”

Clyde Wilson has some thoughts on the current crop of “historians” some of who are really plagiarists with PhD’s, pointing out the obvious

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

Emancipation Hell: Shortly after discovering that the people of the North could be motivated by the Puritan cause of abolition [of slavery] as opposed to the hapless cause of preserving a Union few were motivated to preserve, Lincoln and his generals concocted the idea of “total war” and thus he evil that was the “subjugation” of the South began in earnest. you won’t see that on a Ken Burns movie but you WILL find it daily at the Abbeville Institute

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NEW, Founders Pass Feature! Today’s Pile of Prep LIVE! Audio:

AUDIO – Masha Gessen, lesbian-polyamorous activist, tells us that the homosexual movement’s goal is to ELIMINATE marriage, altogether

Are agrarian [r]epublicans making a comeback? Dr Allan C Carlson seems to think so, here are some of his RARE lectures to listen to and watch

Well whaddayouknow, the NSA programs are carried out under an Executive Order signed by President Reagan in 1981

Donald Livingston explains the path that Lincoln took to subjugate the Southern States to the Northern with all the facts of the story in place. Take an afternoon and enjoy…

How were young boys taught American History “back in the day”? Read just 1 issue of the bi-annul St Nicholas Reader and you will understand what has happened

The works of William Graham Sumner include a brilliant essay titled “The Forgotten Man” published in 1883. You can read the entire collected works under this title here, or find the abridged version with only The Forgotten Man essay in it on this site here

Why is it a bad idea to have a standing army just laying around? CATO, the 18th century Whig, read by most of the Founders, explains as an Englishmen, meaning this school of thought comes from the conservative tradition the Founders inherited and defended

When you hear your “conservative” friends yodel on endlessly about the “Liberal Media” or the corrupt “MSM” as they are convinced this is a recent event, send them here to go read Mark Twain’s speech of 1873 about the “corrupt press”

Here’s an interesting work that I recently discovered “The Crowd” by Guztave Le Bron a fascinating study of how crowds control nations and what nations become control crowds. No, it isn’t a paradox, it is the study of how inertia in public affairs is almost always missing when “change” is lusted for

Albert J Nock’s: Isaiah’s Job (from Tuesday, 4 Feb, 2014 show-Ed.), the story of how the Remant is to be kept animated and active if Man is to survive perdition (our own path to destruction)

If you haven’t read Dante’s Inferno in a while, this site has the entire work broken down by segment/chapter, character and more

Murray Rothbrad delivers a brilliant history of the Progressive movement and the Federal Reserve it created

The Webster Hayne debates over the original intent of the federal union and the constitution got heated into high gear on 26 January, 1830 in the U.S. Senate. read the Webster-Hayne debates

Presenting George Clinton’s “Cato” letter, Number 3, sometimes referred to as AntiFederalist # 14. Cato explains why a large republic will never work and why smaller ones are preferred

This 1860 classic work details the type of manners and etiquette every young man should learn and live his life by. I just started reading the work myself and look forward to sharing much of it here and on-air. “THE GENTLEMEN’S BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS”

“Our Federal Government” by Abel Upshur is an 1833 demolition of Justice Joseph Story’s fabricated history of the United States and her Constitution. WARNING: Reading this will increase your resolve to secede!

The Historical Writings of John Fiske, The American Revolution. If you are prepping for the upcoming pop quiz from my friends at Franklin’s Opus, on Valley Forge, this is a good start

The  counter-argument presented by John taylor of Caroline AFTER the government’s lawyer, Wickham, presented his case for the tax. I did not include this in the Carriage Tax Pamphlet but have found it online. Begin reading on pg 423.


Fame of Our Fathers CD set
Mike’s Fame of Our Fathers tells the Compleat story of Daniel Shays & his “rebellion” get it on download or 3 CD set

Rod Dreher is attacked as a “phony” conservative by someone named Ed Dryden for daring to call Sara Palin’s Sacrilege what it is and for questioning the blood lust of those who cheered it so lustily. This then brings another Pharisee wannabe, a Todd Kincannon down on Dreher. Read the whole post and pay close attention to how turtler of Christians, as Our Lord endured at the hands of pagan Romans, is no laughing matter.

There is no end to the parody Sara Palin is. Using a blessed Sacrament, baptism, to make a political joke used to be called sacrilege but from the same crowd that booed Ron Paul for quoting the Golden Rule (as a guide for foreign policy) it is now a standing ovation grabber.

“Nuremberg Barbie”, Sara Palin, is panned by Will Grigg for exactly the same reasons I question her sacrilege against Christ committed to a cheering throng of NRA “conservatives”

Conor Freidersdorf wonders if the NRA attendees who thundered their approbation at Sara Palin’s sacrilege will cheer another crop of Republicans to outdo Cheney, Bush et al if there is another (heaven forfend) terrorist attack?

Patrick Brennan risks life and DeceptiCon career by calling out Palin for “barbarism” at National Review Online

DeceptiCONNED II: Many people are outraged that HS students were asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic! Heresy! Maybe the real heresy is pledging “allegiance” to an entity that shouldn’t exist as the pledge describes it? “One nation, under God, Indivisible…” Well, so much for the indivisible part, (Thanks Abe) and the “Under God” line? That’s the howler of the day as this “nation” systematically executes its own (abortions) and the executes the citizens of other nations (drone attacks on “terrorist targets”). The Pledge? Just say no.

TIC: Brad Birzer wonders why so many pointy headed writers with big words and meaningless sentences command all the “academic journals” of the day.

Drink wine, lots of wine, even if the FDA hasn’t approved it! You’ll live longer and be happier

Good Lord-really. A cross erected by San Diego residents to honor & memorialize their war dead is NOT a violation of the Firs Amendment unless Congress erected the thing and requires people to observe it as religious and denominational should they pass within 50 feet. THIS is why the Incorporation Doctrine is so dangerous and powerful for nationalists and further why it is folly for conservatives to embrace the doctrine in ANY form

DeceptiCONS rally against Senator Rand Paul, quoting Reagan then make statements on why the U.S must not ALLOW Iran to get a nuke as if it is our job, prerogative, raison deter to insure no one gets a nuke. You mean like the Pakistanis? The Indians? The Chinese? North Koreans? We only excel at blackmail, soft war and coercion AFTER you get the bomb.

VIDEO: Bundy bodyguard defends rancher and his right to say things Chris Cuomo doesn’t like…and the bodyguard is African-American

This results in outrageous and I would say, libelous headlines and stories like this one from “The Wire”“A List of Cliven Bundy’s Supporters, Now That We Know He’s a Pro-Slavery Racist” – Really? You KNOW that? Do you know this:

Run a google search for the same items Bundy discussed that are being characterized as “racist” followed by a comma (,) Star Parker. Go to and read the “Look Inside” pages of the 2007 Angela McGlowan tome “Bamboozled”, the first chapter is titled “Uncle Sam Isn’t Your Baby Daddy”. Ms McGlowan is a sweetheart and just happens to be African American (I interviewed her twice in 2007). There is no difference between Bundy’s statements and McGlowan’s writing with the difference being Ms McGlowan isn’t currently fighting for her family’s future livelihood, indeed, the livelihood of many rancher families who have borne or will bear the dubious authority cited by the BLM over these “western lands”.

This writer has been working with Cliven Bundy since 1992 and says his Constitutional case is solid and Bundy is solid as well

Dr. Tim Ball reviews the ridiculous claim that population control will abate global warming which is not caused by CO2 generated by humans to begin with

The Fame of Our Fathers: What makes a famous Founder famous and why are so many, once famous, now not known at all? The answer lies partly in the fickleness of any given age and what it needs to exalt itself, the rest comes from the Founders own pursuit of Fame as I chronicled in Fame of Our Fathers. Here’s an audio sample explaining “conditores imperiorum” and you can buy the 3 CD set there

VIDEO: My latest reminds Common Core opponents that public education MAKES Common Core possible so who/what is the real enemy?

LATIN PHRASE OF THE DAY: “virtue basis vitae” – Virtue is the basis of life

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