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To Megyn Kelley: St Peter’s Gate Demands Charity Not Taxpayer Subsidies

Humility_Cover_featuredMandeville, LA – Let me see if I understand this correctly: FAUX NEWS is watched by “conservatives”. Megyn Kelley is a “conservative commentator” on FAUX NEWS. THEREFORE, if you “insult” Megyn Kelley you lose FAUX NEWS’S “conservative” voters including the self-annointed baron de Red States, this equals: HILLARY WINS (she and her id already have won, see Planned Parenthood).

Rod Dreher is outraged and in on the Benedict Option to can Trump and expressions of vulgarity too. This is all well and fine if it is applied to the entire field of candidates and Ms. Kelley. Kelley had no problem offering a blasphemous insinuation against the Sanctity of St. Peter and his possession of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Where was the outrage against that?

You defended your Medicaid expansion by invoking God, saying to skeptics that when they arrive in heaven, Saint Peter isn’t going to ask them how small they’ve kept government, but what they have done for the poor. Why should Republican voters, who generally want to shrink government, believe that you won’t use your Saint Peter rationale to expand every government program? -Megyn Kelley to John Kasich

If we believe there Truly is a Key to the Gate of Heaven held by St Peter-and there most certainly is, the question is fine as a question of honoring the proper order of government which has God as the King and maker of Divine, Eternal Law and Man under him honoring that law and enforcing it by subsidiarity, this is admirable. But, make no mistake, the question is delivered as a question as to the existence of the Keys and the Kingdom they safeguard. “Well, how SHOULD the question have been asked, Captain Catholic”, some of you are inquiring? Fair enough and in the spirit of fairness I respond.

“You defended your Medicaid expansion by invoking God, saying to skeptics that when they arrive in heaven, Saint Peter isn’t going to ask them how small they’ve kept government. While we acknowledge that through St. Peter’s Gate we all must pass to enter heaven and our Christian Charity for the poor will be one of the criteria considered. Isn’t it then requisite that you perform and then ask others to perform the Charitable works you mentioned without taxing other people for the resources? Shouldn’t Republican voters provide our own money and time for the care of the imprisoned and hungry? Isn’t it then sinful to expand the government with those moneys in the name of ‘Charity’ and how do we know you won’t do that as President?” –CORRECTED Megyn Kelley to John Kasich

The verse in question can be read in St Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 16“Et tibi dabo claves regni caelorum. Et quodcumque ligaveris super terram, erit ligatum et in caelis: et quodcumque solveris super terram, erit solutum et in caelis.”

Hmmm, maybe I missed Red Staters lust for FAUX NEWS and RED STATISM in 2008 via John McCain and 2012 via Mitt Romney. A guy named Barrack Obama beat them both WITH FAUX NEWS in hot pursuit. Here’s what else has happened while RED STATERS fiddled: the National Oligarchy (some still call it the Federal Government) increased its $212 TRILLION, Gruber voter debt, to $227 TRILLION. Wars have been NOT declared and yet fought in Libya, Iraq (again) Ukraine and now Syria and 47% of middle class, white, RED STATE babies are born without married fathers. But by all means let’s have another “convention” and dis-invite the latest FAUX NEWS apostate.

If you want to have RED STATE conversations about immodest behavior and humility I am all in, a good place to start is SUGGESTED here.

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  1. David

    I thought several of questions she delivered and at least one by Chris Wallace were terrible. There are certainly different positions and beliefs between the candidates that should have been explored. Megyn’s has the ability to be a much better “moderator” instead of invoking “drama”.

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