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Travis Pope on the Art of Being a Statesmen and Gentlemen Promoted by Y/T

Henry_detail_ChristmasMandeville, LA –  for those who were looking for the  brief letter I read on-air today about gentlemen and statesmen, from listener Travis Pope, here it is. Thanks Travis and please keep send us posts like this folks.

Mike Church [h]as been doing a ton of shows on being a “Statesman” and how Chivalry is dead in our nation. Men are not men today they are boys or sissys. When was the last time you seen a Man stand up when a woman stood up in their presence?

When was the last time you seen a Man hold the door open for a Woman?

When was the last time you seen a man wait for his wife to sit down before he sat down?

When was the last time you seen a man stand behind his wife’s chair and help her scoot it up?

When was the last time you seen a man stop using cuss words in the presence of a woman to give her due respect?


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At one time you would not see a Man spit on the ground in the presence of a woman! A man is to position himself in the diner to watch the entrance for danger so he can protect his family and not be taken by surprise. A true man Protects his wife and family and also supports them with the labor of his hands. Sorry, Ladies, This is not your “God” given role. This role is given to the Man by the Creator. Biblically speaking that is why the Man was made the stronger of the two. (I know this may flare up some resistance but you will not be arguing or disagreeing with me but the one who designed it this way!) Men we need to teach our sons time honored traditions and foundations. We need to bring back what it means to be a man. A Gentleman, a Statesman.


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