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Tuesday Pile of Prep: VA Governor McAuliffe Attacks VA’s Constitution

If you want the Founders View on Many issues, the Spirit of 76 & Road to Independence has them, as they lived them!
If you want the Founders View on Many issues, the Spirit of 76 & Road to Independence has them, as they lived them!

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the day to day activity of the Constitution AND Articles of Confederation and how they were framed in the summers of 1776 and then 1787. How come the children being killed by Israeli bombs in Gaza aren’t due the kind of sympathy and American exceptionalism the children killed in Syria were? Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “We had at that period, the examples only of the ancient republics before us; we have now the experience of more than half a century of this, our own Constitution, and of those of all our sister States. If it has defects, as I think it has, experience will have pointed them out, and the ability and integrity of this enlightened body, will recommend such alterations as it deems proper to our constituents, in whom the power of adopting or rejecting them is exclusively vested. All other republics have failed. Those of Rome and Greece exist only in History. In the territories which they ruled, we see the ruins of ancient buildings only ; the Governments have perished, and the inhabitants exhibit a state of decrepitude and
wretchedness, which is frightful to those who visit them.
 – James Madison at the start of the 1829 Convention to amend the VA Constitution

I Told Ya So Pt IX – VA Governor “is ecstatic” that the Constitution of VA, that he swore an oath to protect and defend, has been struck down by a Federal Appeals Court and VA has been ordered to start “marrying” homosexuals straight away. Just another chapter in “Liberty The God That Failed” Pt II and another affront to the beautiful and sacred Sacramentum de Matrimoni. I want to hear the governor explain what happens when a homosexual couple demands that a Roman Catholic priest perform the “gay weeding” and the Parish refuses

European Jews worry over the rising tide of anti-semitism running through Europe as the shelling of Gaza continues and some don’t like the civilian death toll

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, most Americans do not want the U.S. to get involved in the affairs of Israel/Palestine, Syria/Al Queda and Russia/Ukraine yet the GOP thinks this is a winning POLITICAL issue they can campaign on! Now which party is it they call “the stupid party?”

Anyone that thinks the recent disputes between the US/Europe and Russia aren’t driven by the Russian possession of natural gas only need see the preposterous reaction of the EU and American Empire to the mounting evidence that Ukraine was somehow the culprit in bringing down MH17. What is the reaction? Because we don’t know “whodunnit” it has to be the Russkies and they need new sanctions to cripple their economy… their natural gas economy… and like, sell it to BP or someone

Mish: Evidence mounts that MH17 was attacked by a military AIRCRAFT not a missile, where are the “investigators”?

If you wondered what could possibly give a pundit the cover needed to state that women dressed provocatively bring near & remote occasions of sin (lust, coveting) on themselves, there are days worth of reading on this, start here. And if you are wondering, I have unfortunately not won every battle over my own daughter’s level of modesty in dress… yet

Missing the Point. Whoopi Goldberg is being serenaded because she “defended Stephen A. Smith” in his preposterous battle with members of Gal Queda over how gentlemen should treat women (always gently!). The point is not whether there should be quid pro quo smacking – ala Whoopi Goldberg – the point is that women are degraded and defiled by the sartorial (among other) choices our culture tells them it is ok to make (see above story)

Ron Paul: Israel’s 155mm answer to terrorism is blindly accepted by American citizens because the media reporting the event and the government blessing it are deceitful and culpable. With Israel slated to receive $30 BILLION in “aid” over the next decade, If Obama & co wanted to stop the shelling of civilians in Gaza, they could, but they won’t

Hamas isn’t helping itself much by violating ceased fires BUT that still doesn’t grant Israel a pass to continue granting Hamas’s propaganda wish

Buchanan: Why do DeceptiCONS want you to believe that Putin is worse than Stalin and must be turned into a political leper?

Elsewhere, like in Iowa, the word of Our Lord and St Paul is being perverted to grant official, ecclesiastical cover to those who wish to foolishly import and care for tens of thousands of illegal aliens storming the southern border states and hungry for what foolish Americans will instruct their GOVERNMENT to provide

“Obama will take care of us!” And most of those children that Iowans desperately want to spend their public funds to care for have been coached on what to say when they get to the border, e.g.  “Obama will take care of us”

Remember all those “Get Putin” demands from last week, because Putin MUST have been behind the downing of MH17, he’s Putin after all? Well the evidence is mounting that it was a Ukrainin military jet that did the shooting and there are eyewitnesses to back up the story

VIDEO: The great Robert Higgs (author of Crisis and Leviathan) explains HOW war leads to big government. EVERY DeceptiCON needs to watch this one

Ridiculous: Fighting out the future of male female relations will not be advanced on ESPN as Stephen A Smith and Michele Beadle live out a pro-sports, “War of the Roses”

Smith then tries the old-fashioned way out of his pickle: a prepared statement

DeceptiCONS morph to BarbariCONS: When the Editor in Chief of National Review Online can make statements that pardon the lethal shelling of known civilian targets, with known civilians in the target zone including children, the Right has reached the point where nothing they do is worthy of support. Please witness the barbaric, moral relativism of NRO Editor Rich Lowry, pardoning Israeli bombing of civilian targets in Gaza; this produces videotaped episodes of parents carrying mutilated children to graves, mehhh. You see, folks, as I have always said, foreign policy makes us who we are: and we are a barbaric, savage “nation” of soulless warriors who in the pursuit of our own promotion, can bear the sight of innocent life, killed by our acts, provided “national security” or “our friends and allies” were allegedly in danger.

BarbariCONS II: Conor Friedersdorf, The Dangerous Logic Used to Justify Killing Civilians. Friedersdorf continues the argument made above that the U.S. hiding behind the cloak of “protecting civilians” (children) via “national security” actions does not justify KILLING children in near proximity to those we claim are “terrorists”. When will American children become “collateral” for the war-hawks lust? (ummm, see Waco & Ruby Ridge etc, they already are)

Gallup asks the question: Are Israel’s actions in Gaza justified. You can see the results for yourself and marvel at the fact that either A. the American public does not know the extent of civilian casualties or B. The American public DOES know the extent of civilian casualties and doesn’t care because those kids” shouldn’t have been there to start with”.

It is all but official, Rand Paul for President, 2016 – The USA Today follows Paul around KY to discover that Paul is “thinking about it [the Presidency]” and is encouraged by “the polls” and “being in the top tier”. Recall from Monday’s Pile of Prep that not everyone is on the Stand with Rand wagon

NASA claims that it will take $12 BILLIONS to perfect its latest space vehicle launch rocket that will dwarf the mighty Saturn V, developed at a fraction of the cost and on-time. If we excise the “national” word from the acronym then we are left with an unconstitutional expense that has no bearing on our “security” unless, of course, you are a DecpetiCON and convinced that our holy experiment in liberty is actually meant to colonize the galaxy……… really?!

NYTimes piece on the Israeli bombings in Gaza that includes the story of a 4 story apartment building that was leveled, with 19 children inside, to allegedly get at 1 member of Hamas. EDITOR’S NOTE: As with the Syrian crisis 1 year ago, I have nothing to form opinions on but new reports and personal accounts. My opinion is that before the US throws all its might and weight behind what appears to be a human tragedy, or our “ally”, we should work for peace and not take a side. – MC

PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

If you have taken my [r]epublican Challenge #1 (for Fathers) then you probably have a good handle on what to do when confronted with situations that can easily lead into violent, parental, episodes. This FL dad confronted one such episode and dealt with it heroically (yay) only to use the event to a gain a shameful advantage.


The War on Organic Food: Michigan food agents arrest then force the farmer selling organic dairy at his co-op, to destroy the eggs and milk families came to claim.  Obese kids are an epidemic, raised by parents who feed them never ending doses of starch and refined sugars eschewing whole milk, fresh eggs and other natural dairy.

After 3 days of grandstanding and doing everything possible to bring the United States into an armed standoff with Russia, our vaunted military and intelligence “analysts” reveal that they have NOTHING to reveal on Russia’s participation in the downing of MH17 but that doesn’t stop the non-evidence presenters presenting more non-evidence (anti-matter) that claims that “Russia created the conditions” for the shoot down!?

Mish: The likelihood that Russia downed MH17 is less than Ukraine downed MH17 but the MOST likely scenario is that the shooting was a horrible accident perpetrated by either Ukraine military, still spooked by their OWN RECENT REPORTS of Russian military craft in their air space or by “separatists” who misfired the weapon at what they thought was an easier, low flying target

Constitutional madness: Federal judge channels his love for Dominos Pizza into his ruling in favor of ObamaCare subsidies rolling on forever. The “good and plenty” clause must now give way to the “hand tossed dough” clause

The NY Times has a rundown of the two diametrically opposed Federal Court rulings on ObamaCare, one for the Federal giveaway the other again’ it. “The Fourth Circuit panel upheld the subsidies, saying the I.R.S. rule was “a permissible exercise of the agency’s discretion.” Well then, that makes the IRS a legislative body since it can promulgate law, not passed by Congress and not only raise revenues but distribute them too.

I told Ya So, Pt VIII -Tony Dungy may find himself the next Brendan Eich if his coerced “apology”, for not stating to the planet the reasons he “would not draft Michael Sam” had nothing to do with his being an outspoken homosexual, isn’t accepted by the perpetually offended promoters of SSM…

Like this bold accusation of Dungy’s “Homophobia-defined”. Dungy is excoriated for not bowing at the altar of lifestyle choices that counter his well-known Christian faith. We have reached an era when only the faith IN once illegal and immoral sexual acts can offer redemption to the wicked, you know,those who follow God’s laws which have not changed. MAN has changed but God has not. Witness “the world’s #1 soccer player, Matt Besser’s tirade against Dungy.

Meanwhile, the CDC discovers what some of us have been saying for years, that the homosexual population is less than 3% of the entire population. Demolishing the propaganda that significant percentages of the population are to be affected by “anti-gay” policies when the opposite is true, as Dungy’s example shows, the REST of the population is more likely to be adversely affected by “anti-gay” policies

DeceptiCONS gather for an homage to their state of allegiance, Israel and to listen to CUFI leader Pastor Hagee thunder on behalf of Israel. “I’ll bless those that bless you and I’ll curse those that curse you, that’s God’s foreign policy statement, and it has not changed.”

Is Governor Rick Perry the owner of a SiriusXM-OnDemand subscription? He must be listening to repeats of Our last 3 weeks worth of shows and non-stop exhortations to “not stand idly by” but to inform Obama he is “deploying national guard troops” to the “southern border of Texas”.  This move will get the attention of the usual suspects in Bealzelbub’s Media who will rush out to discover SCV heirs in the TX Guard’s rinks… oh! the horror!

Get ready for the greatest, 2nd Amendment vs the Militia (now National Guard) debate ever, the moment a TX National Guardsman confronts an illegal or illegals in armed conflict. Read pg 30-35 the history of the militia’s conversion into the Guard

Is that a hard drive in your pocket or are you just happy to see me, Mrs. Lerner? There may be a backup of Lois Lerner’s mythical, destroyed, hard drive containing all the IRS’s dirty little secrets, after all

Iraq continues falling under the control of ISIS as Syria has now lost 35% of her oil fields to the Jihadist group – Iraq threatens to seek new sugar daddy if Obama doesn’t send in air-strikes – All this and the great “stabilizer” (the U.S.) has been active in the “region” for nearly 3 decades

The U.S., post 9-11,  is an “imperialist basket-case”. The warfare and corporate welfare states roll hand in hand to grubbing unimaginable material wealth and showering it to the well-connected elite, this too shall pass.

What then happens to the expanded middle-class whose future livelihood has been put up as collateral for the current spending orgy?

WOW- The “Pile on Rand Paul” scrum gets a boost from Philip Giraldi as the Senator is taken down as an inexperienced ego maniac dreamer who is not nearly enough of a nationalist (Giraldi doesn’t explain why the U.S., awash in unexplored oil, needs Arab crude to flow to avoid a global economic catastrophe)

The “I told ya so” stories are following my prophecy’s timeline as MTV rolls out a Fall TV show that contains an “incest component” that one of the shows “stars” effusively informs “incest is hot”. You see, folks, there is no way to put the taboo demon back in the cage it has escaped from. It is now roaming among the secular servants of Him, whispering the suggestion to push envelopes beyond where anyone can imagine them pushed today until the perverted will soon become normal and the normal the perverted

I told ya so” – Part II, a Florida couple cannot contain their passions, has sex in front of 4 year old girl and her mother on a Florida Beach. Of course the perps were’t doing anything more than what would win them “immunity” on an MTV “reality show”

Rank and file Republicans are still less likely to join McCain’s army than they were 4 years ago

Don’t believe the early attempts to place ANY blame for the tragic loss of Flight MH17 and the 290 souls on board, it’s all self serving propaganda. Those rushing to blame Russia have obvious agendas and those are not “the national security” concerns they feign homage to

When I was a teenager, my Thursday and Friday nights were spent watching great TV shows like Six Million Dollar Man, Baretta and by far my favorite The Rockford Files. James Garner played Rockford as the anti-cop who just happened to be a P.I.. Rockford was never able to cross the high hurdle of success, living near broke in am Airstream Trailer outside Santa Monica beach. He always seems to be fighting the cops over what we would call “the police state” today. James Garner R.I.P.

Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church
Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

Senator Ted Cruz makes sense on Obama’s illegal amnesty grant leading to the massive swell of juveniles storming the Southern border while even Democrats now admit the 2008 law, I have been talking about for the last 10 days, is the real problem. Solution? REPEAL the law

Mike Church reviews movies for you, read his latest take on those films the mainstream critics never bother to watch

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Hmmmm, so playing video games or watching TV after work only creates “high levels of guilt and feelings of failure.” Hmmm, maybe relaxing with the fam or reading from a book or, if you really want to find some peace, praying, might create those desired feelings of “relaxed” and “at peace”.

NC town finally sees the restoration of a Confederate War Memorial monument over the objections of “protestors” who wanted it moved where no one could see it and… uh… memorialize the fallen

What’s the biggest problem with playing Adam and Eve go on a VH1 date, before the Big Sin (naked)? Well, the bugs to start with… then there’s the bugs (I wonder which deity ordered THOSE detractions?)

Did you know that in 1865, 7,000 Confederation citizens sailed to Brazil and set up a community there and are STILL there today? Hmmmm, maybe there IS still a place to seek refuge from Obama’s Leviathan

Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Et Libertas set pectus purim et fermium gestate; alias res obnoxiosae note in obscura latent.” Liberty is having a pure and dauntless heart; all else is slavery and hidden darkness

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