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Fitting: The Former “Evil Empire” Provides Shelter From Its Successor: US

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Get Mike’s “Road to Independence-Directors Edition” while supplies last

Mandeville, LA  – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Patrick Henry’s cry for Independence as Snowden retreats to the Evil Empire for asylum plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “When I reflect that the tyranny of the British king and parliament hath kindled a formidable war, now raging throughout the wide-extended continent, and in the operations of which this commonwealth must bear so great a part, and that from the events of this war the lasting happiness or misery of a great proportion of the human species will finally result.” – Patrick Henry, accepting election as VA’s First Governor on 5 July, 1776

The “theory” that the Democrat Party has been conspiring to import enough illegals from our Southern border into the country to insure electoral majorities is bearing itself out in  latest 2016 Presidential polls concentrating on Latino voters with Slick Hilly slaughtering every Republican mentioned

Arizona begs for Federal assistance to fight the wildfire that killed 18 firefighters and continues to rage across its countryside. In this instance because AZ ASKED for help there is no real constitutional issue though I’m sure some will try and make one of it

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And so the next “bubble” begins its burst cycle as Students best buddies – their members of Congress – turn the profit making tables, double the student loan rate and hopefully ensure that some of these useless yewts will learn to wash cars, pump gas, mow lawns or work in a construction crew

DeceptiCONNED into “rebellion”? – Former Rep & DeceptiCON Allen West urges a return to the revolt against King George III over Obama’s abuses of power, which are many, but pale to what the SCOTUS does every June with their Amendment Convention, I mean “session”

Brad Birzer: What matters is the SOUL of the debate, that it be robust, that it be focused and not ad hominem and that it be Christian‘ (Catholic preferably). THIS is what the Imaginative Conservative website has accomplished in its short 3 year lifespan. I, with Brad’s post as inspiration, am proud to be a small part of that debate. I trust that THIS site is providing that platform to others as well!

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Delicious irony: The NSA leaker, Edward Snowden, seeks refuge and asylum in the country we were raised to believe was “The Evil Empire” as the U.S government closes its noose around his neck.

On the anniversary of the massacre at Gettysburg The Atlantic Magazine runs a piece titled “150 years of Misunderstanding” as the bloom FINALLY begins to fade from the rose of Lincoln

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: Boehner should do what is GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY and bring the Senate immigration bill up for a vote. Now, knowing it will pass, Boehner would be giving Pelosi the keys to the Speaker’s chamber in an upcoming election and she will never relinquish them because of “demography”. If that’s the course folks, then what alternative do citizens who do not wish to live in the Progressives wonderland have, other than to Secede?

Spending cuts!? WHAT spending cuts!? We don’t need no stinking spending cuts. WaTimes editorialists bellyache over the “cuts” the military has “suffered” under Obama, while ALL gubbmint spending is up $18 BILLION this year

Frohnnen: The Death of Legal Morality, The Imaginative Conservative’s recently departed and much-missed Senior Contributor, George Carey, argued repeatedly that limited, constitutional government requires that both the governed and the rulers recognize their duty to uphold the Constitution.



There is an actual cost to having to repay those student loans we keep hearing about that perform miracles for young kids in search of guidance

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