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The Macabre Quest of Abortion Rights Advocates to Cleanse The States Continues

Cover_Carriage_Tax_Argument_DETAILMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the history of the Federal Courts continued flouting of the Constitution’s ratified intent which contains no endorsement of abortion rights plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “As the men of the West stood dumbfounded, surrounded by strident and shimmering toys and gadgets, obsessed with supposed liberties and choices, smug and “adult” in their Freudianism, Darwinism, and pragmatism, ashamed of their faith, believing it mere superstition, a childhood fiction of the race, the forces of darkness pounced.” Brad Birzer, Word & Anti-Word, The Imaginative Conservative

A Federal Judge claims that he must bow to a previous Federal Judges construction of the Constitution and therefore move to strike down the legitimate acts of the several states including North Dakota whose anti-abortion law was set to go into effect on August 1 after severla abortion rights groups – not based in ND, challenged it

The Neo-Abolitionist league now moves their historical revision tour over to the American Conservative website where we find this gem about the Confederate Constitution: Parsing the Confederate Constitution. An attempt to separate Rand Paul from ANY connection to the Old South because East Coast DeceptiCON elites have determined that will cost him the votes of demagogues who believe such trumped up revision.

The Surveillance State now claims the right to search your vehicle if you have the temerity to use valet parking at your local airport. So if you find a placard in your car that says “Your vehicle has been inspected under TSA regulations” you’ll know why!

Memo to @AmConMag’s Scott Galupo, the historical record and recent scholarship on the Confederate Constitution places its authors a lot closer to their ancestors e.g. Madison, Mason, Washington, Martin et al than any of the 20th century’s infamous Leftists. Historian George C Rabel provides at least one good defense of that in The Confederate Republic: A Revolution Against Politics (1984). “The Old Constitution had been made an engine of power to crush out liberty; That of the Confederate States to preserve it.” – Howell Cobb

Jack Hunter is with Rand Paul as Social Media Director no more. The Southern Avenger aims to avenge his good name from those who have tried to make it an  adverb as in “you’re not going to go all Southern Avenger on me now are you, Cletus?”

For SC governor Mark Sanford isn’t throwing Jack Hunter under the bus. “In all my dealings with Jack Hunter, I have found him to be most impressive, most professional and a committed conservative,” South Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Sanford told TheDCNF. “I think a lot of this has less to do with Jack Hunter than Rand Paul and 2016.”

Flashback: The IRS allowed someone to gain access to Christine O’Donell’s tax records back in 2010 and Congressman Darrel Issa aims to find out who that was and why. Of course that person will probably just plead the 5th Amendment or resign and take a job with Janet Napolitano, currently swinging through the government’s revolving door to wealth at the University of California.

Looks like GEorge Zimmerman was profiling again. This time he was stalking SUV’s likely to lose their traction and flip over on Florida’s interstates. George was there to assist the couple and 2 children out of the vehicle before first responders arrived. No word on whether 911 told him NOT to get out of HIS car.

Well lo and behold: THEN IL State Senator Barack Obama actually CO-SPONSORED the “Stand Your Ground” law when he got the chance to vote on it!  “The pertinent legislation was SB 2386, amending the criminal code of 1961. It was introduced in the 93rd General Assembly session and passed into law on July 28, 2004.”

CNN asks one of their “journalists” to put pen to paper err keyboard to monitor and debunk the “gun rights” crowd usage of Thomas Jefferson quotes to support right to keep and bear. The big problem with this post is that Jefferson was in France when the BOR was written, had no hand in the affair either in writing or ratifying. If you want the story of the Second Amendment it is in my docudrama The Spirit of ’76, The Story Continues

Brad Birzer ponders the question of what to do after reconciling with the fact that the Western canon, alive and energizing Western Men for nearly 3 millenia, is now on life support and soon to assume a place IN the Earth as opposed to ON the Earth


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