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Vatican II And Appomattox-The End of Two Great Orders

Order the New [r]epublican T-shirt and show your SPARTA [r]epublicanism
Order the New [r]epublican T-shirt and show your SPARTA [r]epublicanism
Mandeville, LA – What do Lee and the Southern Confederacy’s surrender at Appomattox have in common with the Vatican II Council & the Novus Ordo Mass? Bothe events marked the end of Orders in human events. Appomattox ended the Order of the Spirit of ’76, independent States entering a VOLUNTARY Compact of Union, the Constitution, for very limited and expressed purposes. This gave way to the “indissoluble union”, the fake patriotism of nationalism supplanting [r]epublican rule and any concept of Federalism. You know the rest of the story.

Vatican II basically ended the 2,000 year old Extraordinary Rite of Mass and with it most of the Church’s (Christ’s) Doctrine on the pursuit of Sanctifying Grace through the teachings of Our Lord fleshed out by the Fathers and Doctors of the Faith. This was supplanted by the Novus Ordo (New Order) Mass which did away with the reverence and solemn beauty of the Extraordinary and replaced it with a souped up version of what is performed at most any Protestant Church these days. This “order” continues to evolve much like the “constitution lives and breathes.”

Mike tries to explain this to a caller.

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