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Veritas et Sapientia-Communism And “Liberal Democracy” Come From The Same Error

Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s note: On many occasions I have pointed out that the heresy of Americanism comes from the same error: Modernity. It should not surprise you that communism springs from the same error as well. – M.C.]The belief that socialism had no alternatives stemmed from a presupposition that this system eliminated the root causes of social and economic conflicts, which it will be recalled allegedly set in motion the machine that in the course of history transformed onepolitical order into another. By fully implementing the idea of class justice, communism putan end, once and for all, to that state of disequilibrium from which societies suffered sincethe earliest stages of their existence. Attacking the socialist order was therefore not anomial political activity, but a monstrous sin, an assault on the most precious achievement in the entire history of humanity.

Liberal democracy is also viewed by its supporters as the final realization of the eternal desires of mankind, particularly those of freedom and the rule of the people. If as did theliberals —we interpret history as a complex set of conflicts that slowly but irresistibly maximized the freedom of the individual and—as did the democrats—as a comparably complex set of conflicts that slowly, but irresistibly liberated the people from tyranny andempowered them with political instruments of selfgovernment, then liberal democracy will indeed seem to be a happy ending of the eternal human dreams. Because it is extremely difficult to imagine something that might follow this last stage of historical development without constituting an improved version of it, it is equally difficult to imagine that anyone who is morally balanced and of a sound mind could in good faith act against liberal democracy and the ideals it embodied.

It is therefore more than natural that both systems identified existing structures withhuman ideals. Communism was social justice, and social justice was communism. This marriage between the system and the ideal gave birth to a peculiar type of mentality,inadvertently prone to political moralizing. Living in such a system one could not simplydescribe facts or express one’s political persuasion because everything had to be entangledin the phraseology referring to the good of humanity, the liberation of peoples, the wickedness of imperialism, the blessings of a classless society, and the happiness of lifeunder socialism. From the very beginning, socialism/communism was sanctioned inmoralistic terms without which it was as a system inconceivable; every communist or socialist, even if cynical and cruel, was compelled to see some communist and socialist ideals reflected even in the simplest matters and could not express the simplest thought without referring to them.

Liberal democracy boasts of bestowing freedom on individuals and emancipation ongroups, while simultaneously taking it for granted that freedom and emancipation arcpossible only in a liberal democracy, or rather, that freedom and emancipation are liberal democracy. Over time, the mind of a liberal democrat began to resemble that of a socialist,exhibiting the same tendency to combine the languages of morality and politics, as no otherdiscourse could possibly do justice to the nature of the system. There are no topics, nomatter how trivial, that the liberal democrat could raise or discuss without mentioning freedom, discrimination, equality, human rights, emancipation, authoritarianism, and otherrelated notions. No other language is used or even accepted. – Rysard Lizutko, The Demon In Democracy

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