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Veritas et Sapientia-The CRUSADER’S Creed

Mandeville, LA – A poem by my Philosophy instructor Brother Francis Maluf. Available from Loredo Press here.

What seek ye, brave and valiant knight

Well Armed and Well prepared?

So much in earnest for a fight

So eager not to be spared.

I am a Christian, he replied

Summoned by Christ’s command,

To free the spot where He suffered and died,

To fight for my Lady’s hand.

I wish to be hated where Christ was hated,

And to hear those very same jeers

Which He heard as He died betrayed and berated

By a mob perfidious and fierce.

I desire to die on the sacred hill, Sion, to set it free,

We are God’s last testament and will

Willed God’s own life to me.

Brother Francis Fakhir Maluf M.I.C.M
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