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Veritas et Sapientia-No More “Lesser of 2 Evils” Cop-Outs-Voting For “Choice” Candidates Is Wrong

Mandeville, LA – [We are about to become immersed in a tsunami of  media instructing us as Americans in the great tradition of “The Founders” that “we must vote this November even if that means choosing the lesser of two evils!” This is the path to the destruction of the soul and the endorsement of the culture we all currently decry. Stand strong and defend The Faith not your friends claiming to be “Faithful” yet choosing an evil and voting. – Editor, MC] “The argument can be made that voting is a very remote form of cooperation in abortion. But is it all that remote? The legislator who votes for abortion is clearly a formal accomplice, giving formal cooperation with abortion. S/he shares both in the intention of the act, and in supplying material support for the act. If I vote for such a candidate, knowing full well that he will help make available public monies for abortion, or continue it decriminalization, then I am aiding him/her.

It is a hard fact that when funding dries up for budgets of abortuaries, the abortion provider lays off staff, making fewer abortions possible. Unlike the pro-life movement, the abortion industry is not staffed with volunteers, who stand to gain no commercial advantage. If budgets are cut, the staff is reduced. If the abortuary is unprofitable, it closes its doors.

It is not sufficient to think that, since candidate X takes the ‘right position’ on other issues such as the economy, foreign relations, defense, etc. but only goes wrong on abortion, one can in good conscience, vote for him/her. Abortion deals with the first and most basic human right, without which there is nothing left to talk about.

Is this too stringent a way of thinking? Is it not nuanced enough, or does it do injustice to the complexities of a pluralistic society? Consider this question in light of another issue. Would voters be understanding and nuanced in their toleration of a known racist? Or would that be sufficient reason for everyone to consider him/her unfit for public office? Why should we understand intolerance in the case of racism, but not in the case of murdering unborn babies? Abortion is not just another “issue” – it is a matter of life and death, the great civil rights issue of our time. –  SIN TO VOTE FOR PRO-ABORTION POLITICIANS? Fr. Matthew Habiger, HLI

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