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Veritas et Sapientia-St John Bosco Called Islam What It Is: Violent Heresy

Mandeville, LA – Editor’s Note: The following is a translation of a work by Don Bosco entitled The Catholic Educated in his Religion. Conversations with the Father of a Family and His Beloved sons, in Relation to the Needs of the Present Day (Turin, 1853). Don Bosco presents this as a form of a father and son discussion. h/t

Son: Oh! We’d really like to hear about this Mohammed. Tell us everything you know about him.

Father: It would take too long to tell you all the stories about this famous impostor. But I’ll tell you who he was and how he came to establish his Religion.

In the year 570, Mohammed was born into a poor family, of a Jewish mother and gentile father, in Mecca, an Arabian city not far from the Red Sea. In search of glory and desirous of bettering his
conditions, he wandered around several countries and managed in Damascus to become the agent of a merchant’s widow who a erwards married him. He was cunning enough to take advantage of his in rmities as well as her ignorance, to establish a religion. Su ering from epilepsy, male caduco, he claimed his frequent falls were ecstasies wherein he had conversations with the Angel Gabriel.

Son: What an imposter to deceive people like that! Did he also try to work miracles to support his predication?

Father: Mohammed couldn’t work any miracles to support his religion, as he was not sent by God. God is the sole author of miracles. However, as he claimed himself greater than Jesus Christ, he was asked to work miracles in the same way [as Jesus]. He arrogantly replied that the miracles had [already] been worked by Jesus Christ and that he [himself] had been called by God to reestablish the religion by force.

With all of this he claimed to have worked one miracle. He said he had been able to restore a piece of the moon a er it had fallen onto his sleeve; to commemorate this ridiculous miracle, the Muslims made the half-moon their emblem.

You laugh, beloved sons, and you are right to  do so, since a man of that sort [simply] had to be deemed a charlatan, not the predicator of a new religion. For this reason, his fellow-citizens wanted to imprison him and put him to death since his reputation as an impostor and disturber of the peace was widely known. But he managed to escape and retreated to the city of Medina along with some libertines who helped him and made him the ruler of that city. [1]

Son: What exactly does the Mohammedan religion consist of?

Father: Mohammed’s religion consists of a monstrous mixture of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. e book of Mohammed’s laws is called the Qur’an i.e. the book par excellence. is religion is also called Turkish (Ottoman) since it is widely di used in Turkey; Muslim [Musulmana] derives from Mosul, the name that the Mohammedans give to their prayer director; Islamism, from the name of some of its reformers, at any rate, is still the same religion Mohammed established.

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