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Veritas et Sapientia-The Atheism of Our Marxist Materialism

Mandeville, LA – Our age is confronted in its efforts to organize social life. That may well be considered an inferior position. Let us at least be able to recognize the significance of such a fact. It is not true, asis sometimes said, that man cannot organize the world with- out God. What is true is that, without God, he can ultimately only organize it against man. Exclusive humanism is inhuman humanism. Moreover, it is not the purpose of faith in God, that faith which instills Christianity in us in an ever-present and ever-demanding transcendence, to install us comfortably in our earthly life that we may go to sleep in it—however feverish our sleep might be. On the contrary, faith disturbs us and continually upsets the too beautiful balance of our mental conceptions and our social structures. Bursting into a world that perpetually tends to close in upon itself, God brings it the possibility of a harmony that is certainly superior but is to be attained only at the cost of aseries of cleavages and struggles coextensive with time itself ” I came, not to bring peace, but a sword.” Christ is, first and foremost, the great disturber. That certainly does not mean that the Church lacks a social doctrine, derived from the Gospel. Still less does it tend to deter Chris- tians, who, like their brothers, are men and members of the city, from seeking to solve the city’s problems in accordance with the principles of their faith; on the contrary, it is one more necessity impelling them to do so. But they know at the same time that, the destiny of man being eternal, he is not meant to find ultimate repose here below. The earth, which without God could cease being a chaos only to become a prison, is in reality the magnificent and painful field where our eternal be- ing is worked out. Thus faith in God, which nothing can tear from the heart of man, is the sole flame in which our hope, human and divine, is kept alive. – HENRI DE LUBAC, S.J., THE DRAMA OF ATHEIST HUMANISM

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