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Veritas et Sapientia-The Pain Of Watching Your Children Become OF The World Instead of IN The World

Mandeville, LA –  “My greatest heartache is to see my wife suffer for our children, for she took great pains to instruct them properly. She home schooled all of our children, created a little farm complete with ducks, sheep, geese, rabbits, goats and cows; we raised our own vegetables and canned close to a thousand quarts a year, and all this to provide wholesome activity as an alternative to worldly delights. But how do you keep them down on the farm when they’ve seen old Paris? So we suffer in prayer as we watch some of them leave the faith entirely, some become lukewarm, some with marriages breaking up, others putting themselves in the grave danger of sin by un-chaperoned dating and still others foregoing Sunday Mass because a baseball or hockey tournament has been scheduled at the same time. And I must mention the modern bane of humanity — that of technology, replete with internet access, video games, facebook, tweets, and only God (or the devil) knows what will be invented tomorrow. It has become an addiction depriving us of contemplation and prayer. Someone once asked me just how I defined technology, and I stated ‘‘anything needed after the Fall.” Simplistic, but in truth, our first Father did proclaim, “I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself” (Gen. 3:9), and they realized their need for garments, not only for modesty, but probably for warmth and also protection from the insects which now regarded them as food. In an amazing act of divine condescension, God himself became their tailor: “And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife, garments of skins, and clothed them” (Gen. 3:21). And we have been in need of technology ever since that inglorious Fall.

All of this is a sadness almost too hard to bear, but bear it we must, and must increase our prayer life and hope in God’s mercy, for these heartaches are endured by many parents, and the only solace we have is to throw ourselves at His feet and beg for intercession. After I re-read the previous lines of this article, I thought it prudent to let my wife peruse them for editing or deleting purposes. To me, it read like True Confessions, and I found that a bit disturbing. But lo and behold, Judith said, “Russ, this reads like True Confessions, but let it be printed. We, and parents like us, need all the prayers we can get.” So please, Dear Readers, pray for our children, as we will most assuredly pray for yours. I personally give all to Saint Joseph, for I feel that devotion to this most loving father is the remedy for familial ills.” – Russell LaPlume, My Morning Cup of Joe

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