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Veritas et Sapientia – This Lent, Humbly Mourn The Decline of Catholic ‘Muricah, It Actually Matters

Mandeville, LA –  [Editor’s note: Today is the first day of Lent not associated with a Holy Day and a good time to humbly perform an Examen of Conscience and consider what penance may be prescribed. It’s not enough to agitate a moral “revival” unless we know what morality we wish to revive.] “With the ever decreasing decline of Catholic influence, the United States has devolved into a quagmire of spiritual and moral decadence that would have been shocking to those previous generations reared in the traditional Church. Consider the following, which have become accepted in the last five decades:

The legalization of abortion and the sale of infant body parts. Abortion, the murdering of the unborn child in the mother’s womb, is a serious mortal sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Who would have ever believed that the U.S. Supreme Court would judge this to be a Constitutional right intended by the Founding Fathers of our great nation.

The repeal of laws prohibiting the cohabitation of unmarried couples. Young and even older people openly live together without having to get married. Scandal and the shame once associated with this sinful behavior is no longer a deterrent.

The repeal of the laws against sodomy. Civil unions between same sex couples have become commonplace and “gay” marriage has become the law of the land. Homosexual behavior, which is one of the mortal sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance, is now celebrated in gay pride parades throughout our nation. Even the psychiatric community, which once labeled homosexuality as a mental disorder, now considers it to be “normal.”

The marked drop in Mass attendance since 1965. Many of today’s Catholics no longer believe that they have an obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and that it is a mortal sin for failing to do so.

The scandalous behavior of priests, who have sexually abused and corrupted our youth, and those bishops who have covered-up, denied, and lied about this matter. As a result, the Catholic Church has not only been financially devastated due to legal and settlement fees, but has lost its moral authority as well.

The breakdown of the family structure and those values that supported this once hallowed societal unit. In today’s society, the roles of mother and father are no longer clearly defined. Both parents often work, and the care of children is increasingly being left to after-school programs and day care centers. The State and Federal Government has become increasingly more involved in the rearing and education of our children. Parents have been losing their authority to care for their off-spring as they see fit.” – Dr. Paul Lavin “The Way We Were”

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