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We Must Stop Little Leviathan In Our Towns First

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – You see here in this instance, people who just work for someone who is in government can execute nefarious acts that alter the course of history, basically, and delay or cause detours for tens of thousands of people.  They cause pain and misery.  If being stuck in traffic is pain and misery, let’s be honest here, these are first-world problems, folks.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  There is a point to be made here, and that is maybe now some of you will see, when we talk about why the NSA spying is dangerous, why janitors having access to the kind of information that the NSA has gathered, why it’s dangerous.  It is because government power is dangerous.  You see here in this instance, people who just work for someone who is in government can execute nefarious acts that alter the course of history, basically, and delay or cause detours for tens of thousands of people.  They cause pain and misery.  If being stuck in traffic is pain and misery, let’s be honest here, these are first-world problems, folks.  As a matter of fact, this entire debacle here should be filed on the Twitter feed under #first-world problems.

You see here the destructive power of government, even as it applies to traffic, how destructive it can be in the wrong hands.  It doesn’t matter what party it is that’s in charge, either.  When people say [mocking] “Come on, what do you have to worry about because they’re gathering all that information on you?  If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”  Really?  Well, the people that weren’t doing anything wrong that were stuck in the traffic jam I guess had nothing to fear, right?  Right.  So there is an actual point to be made here.

We had a meeting last night of our parish election committee, David Simpson and I did.  Well, it’s David’s group.  I just tag along.  This is a year-long effort now to try and rally people here — where you live you people call these entities counties.  We call them parishes here in deference to French codes.  In France they’re called parish, not called counties, so we just stuck with the term parish.  I live in a parish.  In this particular parish here, there are precincts.  In each precinct, you take a certain amount of precincts and that makes up a parish council members district.  What our goal is is to find more people that will get active in precincts, starting as republican as possible, trying to get people involved, and not just to get involved one time because they think it’s a cool thing, but to get involved in self-government, and then to stay active in it.  Folks, this is the only hope we have, it really is.  Some of you wonder, [mocking] “I wonder if he puts his republican money where his mouth is.”  Yes, I do endeavor to do that.

In any event, I bring this up because we talked about the power of government last night.  We talked about: Why is Washington, DC doing anything that we can do in St. Tammany Parish?  Let’s break it down to the next level.  Why is Baton Rouge, which is the capital of Louisiana, doing anything — and it doesn’t even matter what it is, anything — that men and women citizens or business people can do in St. Tammany Parish?  Then we break it down even further than that.  Why is the parish doing anything that men and women in precinct 1, 2, 73, 114 can do for themselves?  This is the problem, lazy people telling others “We ought to get the government to do something about that” instead of doing it themselves.  Once government starts doing it, you can’t get it to stop.  The reason you can’t get it to stop is because usually it is employing someone or it is redirecting wealth into someone’s pocket.  They don’t want to give it back.

Whether we’re talking about George Washington bridges, whether we’re talking about building sidewalks in a little hamlet like Mandeville or Madisonville, Louisiana, it doesn’t matter.  All of these things are related and they all come back to republicanism, ladies and gentlemen.  They all come back to you and me.  The only way any of us are going to have any success, political success anyway, whatsoever is to stop making so many of these activities political.  This epiphany has been dawning on me for issue after issue after issue over the course of the last two years or so.  The problem is not in the interchangeable parts of people that are politicians, and I think many of you are probably coming around to that idea.  It’s not in who it is that’s actually running the government, although, granted, we could have more virtuous people in government.  It is in what we are asking government to do, what we are allowing it to continue to do that it shouldn’t be doing.

If you had a way of going into any particular public place, any business, it could be a public place where government actually takes place, or it could just be a mall, could be a Wal-Mart, could be a local shopping center, could be a  hardware store, could be an Old Navy store, or driving along the way there, if you had a way that you could play Dexter the blood detective where you take the fluorescent light and shine it about and you can see the splatters of blood because they’re composed of different things than the rest of the inorganic matter they’re attached to — you know when you’re shining that UV light around, those of you that work in forensic, [mocking] “Look!  There it is!  There’s some blood over there.”  If you had a way that you could shine a light and see where government is in our daily lives, and it doesn’t matter where you are, it is irrelevant where you are, if you could just shine the light and go: Hey, man, what’s government doing there!?  This is a freaking park.  That’s a seesaw.  What’s government doing on my seesaw!?  You could go to a picnic pavilion in your hometown and I guarantee you, if you took the UV light of government involvement and turned it on, you’d find government in the picnic pavilion.  You can’t even have a picnic basket without big brother or little brother being involved.

We were talking about this last night.  That’s exactly what we talked about, about educating our fellow citizens that this is what is the problem.  Look, these things will still be problems after you remove them from the hands of government, but they will be problems that we would then have to work out amongst ourselves.  The fact of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, in 2014, as it stands right now, there aren’t very many of your fellow citizens that give a rat’s furry behind about working those things out.  Why should they get their hands dirty when we can get government to do it for us?  Then they’ll go and complain about the tax rates and how much waste there is and how crooked this guy is.  When you present them with an opportunity: Dude, I can make that go away.  We can stop about 95 percent of that.  Here’s how you do it.  [mocking] “I don’t wanna do that.”  We have to all collectively find reasons that can be repeated on 3×5 index cards, as Tom Woods says, that can convince other people that this is why you don’t want them, we don’t want them doing these things anymore.

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