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We No Longer Have Government; We Now Have The Congressional World Market

Cover_Carriage_Tax_Argument_THUMBMandeville, LA – I have come to the belated conclusion that Congress is no longer a legislative body but is now a world market where traders are CEO’s, bank presidents, central bank presidents and actual presidents. The supply is what is available to be grifted from the cattle-us- and the demand is set by which of the traders above have the best brokers to negotiate. Brokers in this instance are current legislators, staff and former legislators aka lobbyists. Oh, and then there’s the Clients which are also known as recipients. Bastiat, in his worst nightmare, could not have envisioned a “plunder” population as large, corpulent and voracious as ours.

What we call government today would be unrecognizable to 17th-19th century statesman.

What is illustrated below is but a day at the market.

(from Morning Bell: Late-Night Shenanigans in the House, Amy Payne)

The House leadership appears to be pulling a fast one on the American public and even fellow House members when it comes to the farm bill.

The House has split up the farm-related programs and food stamps, which is great news. However, they didn’t make a single reform. That’s not the worst part, though.

Every five years or so, Congress passes a new farm bill. The entire purpose of this reauthorization process is for Congress to fix the law if problems exist. The House appears to be doing away with this process for many of the most costly farm program provisions. As a result, bad public policy could be locked in indefinitely.

House leaders have sold this flawed farm-related bill in part by getting rid of existing “permanent law.” So it may surprise many that the bill would just replace this existing permanent law with new permanent law that may even be broader in scope.

Further, the House introduced the text of its farm-only bill last night, and current plans are to vote on the bill as soon as mid-morning today. They are rushing it through the process and not giving members a chance to offer amendments, properly review the bill, or even determine the extent of this potential bait and switch when it comes to permanent law.

This flawed bill simply brings the same troublesome farm programs up for a vote that were considered and soundly rejected by the House a few weeks ago.

Everything that was bloated and egregious in the bill [3] is still bloated and egregious.

It still goes out of its way to tax Christmas trees, in an effort to override the Obama Administration’s decision to not tax Christmas trees.
It still drives up food prices—which hurts low-income Americans most.
It still spends more than President Obama even wanted to spend on the costliest farm program, crop insurance.
It still hands out taxpayer money to these surprising recipients.

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