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Wednesday Pile of Prep

Is_Davis_A_Traitor_DetailMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of why theNSA’s Surveillance State plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “It will be considered, I believe, as a most extraordinary Epock in the history of mankind, that in a few years there should be so essential a change in the minds of men. ‘Tis realy astonishing that the same people who have just emerged from a long &cruel war in defense of liberty, should now agree to fix an elective despotism upon themselves & their posterity!” – RH Lee to John Lamb immediately following the Constitution’s ratification

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Rand Paul to Obama – You don’t get to execute (thus “Executive branch”) AND Write (that’s for the “Legislative branch”) the laws, pal. So you CANNOT alter ObamaCare so your buddies in corporate America can get the system rigged for their benefit.

Under the power to “regulate commerce”, perhaps, PERHAPS, Congress could claim some interest in making air travel “regular” and prevent landing “tariffs” or “imposts” among interstate travel but how can the inJustice Department claim to act in this matter without an Act of Congress being violated?

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What IS a father supposed to tell his teenage daughters about the world and the sex that will ultimately be expected of them if they experience dating or hooking up as most of their friends will pressure them to? Rod Dreher tries to answer the question with candor and is instead hounded by those infamous, anarchist demons who troll the amconmag comment strings. The same ones who think that ALL Southerners “got what they deserved” in Lincoln’s massacre

Imagine if Hooters had a “political disagreement” with a lesbian or transgendered mayor and tried to deny them service as they are denying Mayor Filner of San Diego

Get Mike's "Road to Independence-Directors Edition" while supplies last
Get Mike’s “Road to Independence-Directors Edition” while supplies last

The latest DeceptiCON screed describing the wonders of American interventionism, unilateral choosing of dictators and our glowing efforts to stop violence through wars -like Vietnam- is reviewed by Andrew Bacevich. American Umpire is a book with a theme without the facts to prove it.

Get your calculators out and don’t forget a steak bone to bear down on while the medicine of ObamaCare “penalties” are administered to those who fail to comply. CITIZEN! You will obey and pay citizen, here’s a chart to calculate your “respect”!

And the 2016, “Natural Born Citizen Derby” is off! They’re at the quarter pole and Ted Cruz is 3 lengths …. What EXACTLY is mean by “natural born citizen”? James Madison might be able to explain that one, see his speech on the matter, in the First Congress, here

Enough about POLITICS, say hello to gentleman, champion and humane citizen of the year, Coach Barry Switzer

No surprise here: Ron Paul will not support Chris Christie in 2016 IF he were to become the GOP nominee (who would ask such a question!?)

Is there any hope that the Rand Paul neo-confederate (see, “whatever that means”) crowd will ever come around to realize that Paul is far closer to their ideal of civil liberties and scaled down military bellicosity than any DeceptiCON, foresworn enemy of theirs, will EVER be?

SATIRE (Jack Hunter haters beware)-What to get that Planned Parenthood aficionado on your Festivus shopping list this year!? How about the Sims Planned Parenthood Edition!?

Mike Church on TV: My explanation for why college funding is easily solved if we just look at the problem practically and not wishfully

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