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Bre Payton writer at The passed away due to an illness the H1N1.

  • She died within like 2 days!
  • I don’t want to get into the tragedy of her being only 26 etc but I want to discuss the public canonization of people on social media.
  • All Souls Day – this is the reason for this day. You have to continue to pray for the dead. When you canonize them at their death, we forget to continue to pray for their souls.



Recap of the last two weeks news that we were on “staycation”.

Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump –

HEADLINE: Predictions: Trump goes, unexpected candidate emerges in 2019 by John Leboutillier

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HEADLINE: Return of the Neocons by Stephen Wertheim

  • News flash, they never left!

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Mitt Romney –

  • Utah the primary location of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.
  • He is a practicing Mormon I believe.
  • How do you go from being Governor of Massachusetts on the East Coast to United States Senator of another state on the West Coast?
  • Where was the loyalty to Massachusetts?
  • We are Federalist when we want to be.
  • Romney was defeated by Obama at that time.
  • I actually got blamed for this! I was called a traitor and many other glorious names.
  • Remember the old “yard sign” count?

HEADLINE: Whose Side is Mitt Romney On? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • “I will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant.” – Mitt Romney
  • So he is now our National PC Police! Is this a volunteer position?
  • Romney crushed Catholic Adoption Agency in Massachusetts! It doesn’t exist anymore due to Mitt Romney.
  • You people in Utah have been used for Romney next attempt at a loss for Presidency.


HEADLINE: Abortionist: ‘God performs way more abortions than I do’ by Dorothy Cummings McLean


AUDIO: Queen of Pain by The Mike Church Show Band


All we need is Obama back in office, that will solve everything.

BACK TO HEADLINE: Whose Side is Mitt Romney On? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • With U.S. troops pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan, the day is coming, and soon, when we must face up to and act upon these facts: America lost both wars. Afghanistan will fall to the Taliban from whom we took it in 2003. And Bashar al-Assad, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah are, for the near-term, dominant in Syria. – Buchanan

How many of you know what a King Cake is? Do you know its origins? The history to come next segment, stay tuned!

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 HEADLINE: The Incredibly Versatile and Holy Epiphany of Our Lord by Mike Church
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 Billboard for Planned Parenthood – I Killed My child, and I am NOT apologizing.

HEADLINE: Planned Parenthood billboards around Iowa ask people to ‘Say Abortion’ by Barbara Rodriguez

Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto (click for the trailer)



 ROGD = Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

  • Here we have another made up condition to justify the all hands on deck revolt against the Natural Order. Which is ultimately a revolt against God.
  • We need to be full on defense mode with rosaries and fasting.

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 Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond  host of Reverse Deception-

HEADLINE: 30 Transgender Regretters Come Out Of The Closet by Stella Morabito

  • All the bad and stupid things that have made our life “better” for knowing from 2018.
  • Yanny or Laurel that stupid thing that was seriously discussed for MONTHS on social media.

HEADLINE: Dare, Monsignor! (Laity Challenge Clergy to Confront Homosexual Subculture) by Michael J. Matt

  • “In the kindergarten world of snarky tweets, cyber saber rattling and an endless series of brand-spankin’-new profile pictures, what a relief it is to read the words of a serious Catholic scholar and historian who knows what is at stake here and has the ability and the courage to confront the enemies of our Faith to their faces.” – Michael Matt
  • Social Media was supposed to just keep us up to date with our friends and family members but in true human fashion, it has become a monster.
  • There is no other way to go but downhill.
  • Two forms of Latin – Ecclesial and Classical
  • Releasing information from today’s show? No you get it when the show airs!
  • The Quest for Darwin Awards – Idiocracy

HEADLINE: Shopping For Fake Pediatric Penises by Rod Dreher

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 HEADLINE: Ginsburg To Unexpectedly Miss Supreme Court Arguments For The First Time Ever by Tyler Durden

  • Remember when she fell ill the first time and the Libs were furious at her for not retiring when Obama was still in office?
  • How do you normalize abortion? The killing of babies is NOT a RIGHT!

HEADLINE: Planned Parenthood billboards around Iowa ask people to ‘Say Abortion’ by Barbara Rodriquez

  • This is a terrible piece of journalism here.
  • Breaking the silence and stigma of abortion? How do you do this? This is nominalism at its worse here.
  • Dispensary Medical Procedures
  • BLOOD – how do we know that there is a creator? What are some of the signs?
  • The H1N1 virus is also known as the Swine Flu.
  • Even when my blood is outside my body, it will respond as the blood in my body does.
  • Is that not proof enough of a God?




 HEADLINE: When Your Daughter Defies Biology by Abigail Shrier

  • The burden of mothers whose children suffer from ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria.’
  • New made up disorder called ROGD = Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria
  • ROGD most often effects girls.
  • We don’t give into patients demands on any other disorder.
  • Yet with gender dysphoria, the medical field is quick to allow the patient to dictate what they want.
  • Whether it is a square jawline, removal of breast or hormone therapy.
  • Planned Parenthood now administers hormone therapy or testosterone injections now by consent form. They require NO psychological therapy at all.
  • This is all about money…plain and simple.
  • The pharmaceutical are making a crap ton of money on these pills and testosterone. They don’t care about these patients.
  • What happened to the “Do No Harm”?
  • Teens go all in when they find something they like. They have no self-control.
  • This makes transgender/gender dysphoria so popular among teens.
  • This is just so tragic.
  • These women are now realizing in their older years they want to have babies and they can’t because of all the hormone blockers and testosterone they took when they were younger.
  • THIS then leads to the 40% and rising suicide rate.


 Caller Kreft from Toronto –

  • Talking about PRIDE – it isn’t a feeling, it is a sin.
  • The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – fear of God has just been vaporized.
  • SHAME – this is a gift from God the natural feedback mechanism for sin.
  • Humility of Heart book will help with your pride issues, For Your Information.
  • If I were to speak this at my place of employment, I would be fired.
  • The Scarlett Letter was “A” you wore it on your shirt for SHAME. (adulterer)
  • You always have to teach Mercy is always available.

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